Dad's misuse of the timer?

This is the start of threads related to my dad or my sister (mostly dad).

In Gr.6 I started having showers. I guess at the time Dad must have thought I was talking very long showers. Anyway… at the time for other reasons at night time I needed a timer in the bathroom due to “special needs”.

This timer was a bit unusual compared to other timers I’m used too-instead of beeping when it goes off at the end it beeps like every 5mins. Like if you set it for 20, it will beeping at 15, 10 and 5 as well as “beeps” at the end.

Now at some point when I was in Gr.6 whenever Mom was absent from the house for either choir practice or a meeting of some sort -when I was in the shower Dad’s hand would open up the bathroom door and would turn on the timer which was close to the door and set at 12mins.

So basically he “trained” me to have a short shower and even though he told Mom he doesn’t remember doing it. Mom’s still grumpy a lot about that half the time after having a shower I have soap on my face. But after 20 years of having short showers its hard to “untrain” myself back to the first way.

Especially not when one’s worried that Dad would start to time me again even though I wouldn’t know it-since the timer is Dad’s now and I don’t need to do the “other reasons” anymore

Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end, then stop.

Our needs may differ, but I start from the head down, and getting soap out of ears is the tricky part.

I wear a shower cap unless it’s hair and body day.

How long were your showers before this?
12 mins isn’t that short, especially if you’re not doing your hair.

I’m used to different kind of marina showers, in some you get (or pay for) a coin which usually gives you 6-8min water time. It’s possible, even on hair days, if you turn the water off when you soap up

I don’t remember how long I was in the showers before Dad started using the timer. It was “too long” according to Dad. And he would only do the timer thing when Mom wasn’t around.