Dad's mall hissyfit

This is the 3rd to last post about my Dad

In 2016 the day-program was going to go to the mall in another town. I never been to a mall before where I could actually buy something on my own in the food court. So I planned ahead of what I wanted to buy. I was in Dad’s car going to a friends’ place to be picked up by another church person for bowling. I was telling Dad about the “outing” to the mall and Dad started to tell me a bunch of stuff.

First thing he says is “I should buy something under $5”. and then he told me “I should buy water” and then he changed his mind “you will be taking your water bottle drink from that” and I said “I’m an adult… I can do what I like”.

And then he made claims of the fact when he and Mom go out Mom orders water. I been going out to restaurants with her since before I was 9 and outside of Asians slow-food restaurants where she might order tea- she has never order anything other then ice tea at any restaurants. When I told Mom what Dad had said later she said I was right.