Dad's bad behaviour

I went to the gym from 2014-2018(?). There’s a very accessible one in our town. Anyway … due to the fact my parents wanted me to walk from our house to the gym and back (on Tuesday and Fridays) or from the church to the gym (Wednesdays) back to the house it’s a long hike to get there no matter where I was walking from. So I had to walk back and forth and that’s on top of me doing excerise in the gym itself. The only times I didn’t go was when it was suppose to snow, it’s raining, or it’s icy.

Now in early Jan of 2016 it’s after the holidays and some other women’s business. It was a Tuesday and it was suppose to snow that day around the time I would head out to the gym so the night before Mom and I discussed it and Mom said I could stay home.

I had a shower and I had just finished getting dressed when my Dad barraged into the bathroom and made me stand on the scale. Let’s just say he wasn’t too happy about whatever the number was (I don’t remember). He also had a hissfit because I didn’t go to the gym. Like the convseration at supper was like “Maybe if you hadn’t bullied me!” and Dad was like “I bullied you? You’re the one who decided not to go to the gym!” Mom said “We (she and I) talked about it last night” and I said “I was talking about the SCALE” and Dad said “What did we discover?” And Mom said: “I wouldn’t have done that.” And Dad stormed out of the room after I pointed out two things (it’s being after the hoildays, and other more private business)

Because of this I really, really, really, hate since March of last year that Mom has made me for an entire year (except for Dec?) every month standing on the scale just to see how my weight is. (It’s going down…most of the time or at least staying the same). It just due to this incident with Dad I don’t like mom making me do this. And even if I do it on my own… mom still makes me re-do it so SHE can see it and write it down.