Dad's annoying questions

I been going to the same church since basically before I was born. From Gr.1 through Gr. 5 I was in the kids’ choir. I moved on after Gr. 5 to the church Breakfast club. Due to the switch over from kid’s choir to the breakfast club -Mom went into the adult choir.

Now in the first two years of Mom being in the adult choir-I would stay at church with a lunch I brought from home after church and play in the toddler room until Mom’s was done. Now as of Gr.8 I was allowed to walk home on my own. So half the year they would be practice the show for that year and whatever months remained (outside of summer and winter hoildays) they would practice choir singing. This was the start of two annoying questions from my dad for the next 5 years.

Now my church at the time only served two lunches on Sundays a year (with two other lunches added in Gr.10). The rest of the time outsides of the lunch Sundays would be a “Social time” with a kid’s table with juice and cookies. And two tables-one with coffee and tea for those who take it and a adult’s table with snacks (which could change depending on which group is in charge-so one week it’s the women of the church responsible, another week it’s the administration, and another week its the childrens’ programming.

So when I started walking home the first two questions Dad would ask me for the next five+ years is some variation of 1)“where’s mom?” and 2)“Have you had lunch yet?”

And I think I must have told him about 20+ times if not more like 100+ times that “Mom is either at play practice/choir practice” and also saying “no, I haven’t had lunch yet.” I mean I also had to tell him that the church only offered 2 (and later 4) lunches per year about 20-100+ and he still would ask the same question

It got so bad in my opinion of Dad non-stopping asking the same questions. That I just eventually stopped going to the church every week. But that started something even worse.

And church related stuff isn’t the only time Dad expects me to “be my Mother’s keeper”.

Like on certain days of the weeks (Wednesday). We would have supper early (5:00 as opposed to 8pm) and that’s normally because Mom has to go to church for choir practice. And it would be written on the calendar weeks in advanced. And if I need Dad for something… after Mom leaves. Dad would be like “where’s Mom?” and I’m like “She’s at choir practice” its start to get annoying after awhile of me having to be mother’s keeper.

It sounds like you have a lot of family drama that might be improved with therapy, or moving out.


We tried counselling only worked for a couple of months and then back to family drama. My only therapy is in the forms of SimLit. Which I can’t write at the moment because I can’t get on to my computer in the daytime after 1-2pm because my computer freezes up on me.

and moving out isn’t an option for reasons: can’t do my own hair, And I haven’t been alone (well beside other people) since I was 10. Or the first time I was 100%on my own: 2012.