Dad wants me to do a month of "basement exercises" with him everyday and write it down

Dad wants me to do a month of basement exercises with him everyday. Like at least 2km on the bike and then 30 leg exercise (using part of a weight bench) and then at least 20 arm exercise.

I already been loosing weight with some of the stuff I been doing (stair exercises and in the summer swimming)- Mom and I haven’t done the weight for this month though.

It just Dad can be a bit of a tough task masker and sometimes want me to do more then what I can handle-like he wanted me to do 40 arm weights.

And also I have the cubix machine I got for Christmas I also want to use and I have used a bit today but I wouldn’t want to use it if I’m going to the basement everyday for a month-wouldn’t that be a waste of my parents’ money?

But now Dad also wants me to write down how far I went on the bike and how much I did on the weight bench and I don’t really give a hoot. Just like I hate the fact Mom has made me most months get onto the bacon bathroom scale in the bathroom to keep track of my weight-just gives me PTSD of the time Dad bullied me onto the same scale in 2016.

I also tire out a lot more easily then Dad is I was tired out after just doing 2km (I normally don’t do more then 0.10km maybe 0.20km if on a good day on the exercise bike)

How do I deal with this?

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