Dad thinks that picture is the problem with laptops?

The last two years because of the “Viral yuck” a certain well-known (provincial capital) producer had put his annual holiday pantomimes in a virtual format online.

Now the catch is that with both my new computer tower and the old computer tower-you can’t listen to anything but with headphones on. So today we were watching it on Mom’s slow-as-molasses notebook computer.

But at one point it started buffering really badly. We tried the networking troubleshooting and disconnect the internet. We got to the point of asking Dad (who was already grumpy, when we had tried calling via the intercom to 1)ask if HE was having internet signal and 2)to tell him about the router symbol was off) about borrowing HIS notebook computer to watch the remaining ten mins of pantomime. When Mom was trying to talk to him downstairs -he was yelling at her (like always when in a grumpy mood) despite Mom saying that my old computer tower you can’t hear without headphones .

And then stormed up here to the library and did something with the internet. On his way out of the library he said something to the effect of “I don’t see why you can’t watch on her (my) big screen”.

So he thinks its the picture which is the problem and not the sound?

I don’t think I understand what you’re asking.

If your new tower (or old one) doesn’t have speakers, though, you can get a set for pretty cheap – if so, then if the internet connection is not the issue, that should solve the must-use-headphones problem and let you watch on your larger screen for future. If not, I guess one option would be to go into the sound settings and make it so the same audio comes out of both the left and right channel, and you and your mom could listen together by sharing a pair of earbuds.

All I remember about four years into having the old computer… the audio system didn’t work. So I downloaded a driver for the sound system and ever since then you could only listen to sound through the headphones. Through when we first got the old computer my Dad wanted my sister to set up old-times outside speakers to the computer but my sister (who still lived with us full time and spend time on the other half of the house library)- didn’t want to be “disturbed by the noise” which is ironic because she was always disturbing ME with HER noses (watching stuff like Kristen Bell’s Veronica Mars)_ and since she wasn’t wearing headphones I could hear it all the way across the room.

when Dad, Sis and I set up this computer… I think either sis set it up for headphone use only or it came that way from the manufacturer

But it’s the way Dad said that “I don’t see why you can’t watch on her big screen” made it sound to me that he thought the picture was the problem and not the sound

The only way to find out what your dad was thinking is to ask him. If you explain to him what the issue is now, perhaps you can mutually arrive at a better solution before the next time you want to watch something.

If it’s been a while since you downloaded the driver, you might look for a newer driver to install. Either way, it could be worth digging into the sound settings to see whether it recognizes your non-headphone speakers as being present, and if not troubleshoot to see why not.

Good luck!

That was with the OLD computer. But both the old computer and the new computer have the same problem. You can’t watch anything without headphones for the sound . If I’m just watching something solo it’s fine. It just if more then one person want to watch someone at the same time on the same computer then it’s comes a problem

Yes, I understand. The same suggestions might help with both of those computers. Again, good luck!

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