Dad&sis insulting my weight


This takes place in 2014. For years even during the time I had to deal with his “have you had lunch question”. he would also ask me if I wanted 'whatever he was making" for lunch. Now in Gr. 8 I only knew how to make one dish for lunch but later on I could make microwave chili or open up a soup can for lunch (or supper). Now some of Dad’s lunches could be: soup, chilli, salmon patties, cheese sandwiches, he says he’s made me a cornbeef one once but I don’t remember that.

In the early days he would give me what I can only call “sides” depending on what the main dish was it could either be bread with hummus(soup) or it could be baked beans(salmon patties). That I think Mom told him off once about that when she came home “early” and found Dad’s “too much food” This particular year in 2014-all winter Dad kept putting soup on the table for him and I without even asking if I wanted any.

Dad started a vicious cycle back then which has had me for years four weeks of me saying “no” to Dad’s offer of his lunch. To me saying “Yes” thinking it would get Dad off my back only for the cycle to repeat. It got to the point that my own escape was to go to a mall in another town to escape and have lunch there.

Another thing to note about this two-part story-at the time of the story I also couldn’t “make” fruit either. All I could do at this point was count grapes into bowls at the very least. It was normally mom’s job to make fruit either the night before, or on Saturday afternoon. Normally in the mornings she is suppose to leave me 1/2 a banana in the fridge.

At the time I wasn’t really big on exercise in the winter time.

Main story:
This particular Sunday-was the usual winter Sunday. I had weeks of soup by this point for lunch on Sundays when I was at home. Most of them with the side of bread with humus. Now this one Sunday Dad made broccoli soup. I was really confused about no bread with hummus so I went to find Dad and asked about that and he’s talking to my sister I can’t remember what happened next… but he did give me the bread with hummus. He did say the broccoli soup already had fibre

Later on in the day… when it was time for my fruit. On normal Sunday’s that just a couple of grapes, an entire apple and a banana (half or whole depending if Mom remembered about it). Now Dad who was making my fruit beyond the grapes-tried to give me a banana in pieces with Peanut butter on them when I wanted a plain banana. I refused to listen and when I did listen later-what he said was what I thought of as stupid (talking about me becoming diabetic). And he also at the time called me fat as well. And he kept going on and on about carbohydrates. My sister wasn’t much help when I was talking to Mom in the library of our house later that day… my sister said “you’re chunko kiddo”.