Customers keep trying to set me up with... my husband 🤣

I was considering submitting this to NAR, but I thought it might be better to get some feedback first if it was actually worth posting:

My husband works in a coffee shop. On the days he works, if I have nothing better to do I usually come sit in the cafe and keep myself busy on my laptop.

One time, a regular sees me playing pokemon on my phone, and strikes up a conversation with me about the game. Some time later, the regular brings this up to my husband:

Regular #1: “You know that girl who always comes in when you’re working? She’s into pokemon too! She seems like your type. You should ask her out sometime, she might say yes!”

My husband: “The one who sits by the pastry case?”

Regular #1: “Yeah!”

My husband: “You’re a few years late; I married her already. That’s my wife.”

Regular #1: shocked Pikachu face

Most recently, I accompanied my husband again to the cafe and was browsing NAR while he worked. A couple of regular customers come in, and my husband informs them that he’s only going to be there for a few more days before he leaves the country permanently.

Regular #2: “No way! Where are you going?”

My husband: “Australia. My wife is from there.”

He points to me, sitting by the pastry case. The customers turn to look at me. I smile and wave.

Regular #2: “Oh she’s your wife! I was wondering why she’s always here!”

Regular #3: “I was literally about to suggest to you one of these days that she seems like she has a crush on you, you should ask her out!”

Regular #2: “Yeah I always thought you two would make a cute couple!”

My husband: *gesturing towards his pokemon hat and my equally nerdy sweater * “Gee, I can’t imagine what could have given you that impression!”

Me: laughing hysterically

I must admit, though I didn’t need the validation, the idea that random strangers repeatedly want to set me up with my husband is a great way to know I chose the right man!

I thought it could be a story for NaRo, but I’m not certain about submitting it as A) it might be perceived as more of a non-story (I’m not always the best judge of this kind of thing when it comes to my own stories) and B) even though to me, it’s not the focus, it might start a thread on how the customers were all totally out of line and presumptuous. I’m not really interested in posting what, to me, is a funny anecdote that I find oddly validating, if the primary reaction is that this is either a non-story or actually a story about some villainous customers who don’t know their place. I’m willing to include whatever disclaimer may be necessary to try to prevent any negativity, but if there’s no way to make this story palatable for the masses I’d appreciate knowing that upfront and I just won’t submit it. :relaxed: Thanks!


I, for one, think it’s worth submitting – I find it is a cute story.
And there will always be a few commenters who will find some teensy detail to complain about, but I doubt the majority of comments would be of the “this is a non-story” or “those customers should keep to themselves” kind.


It’s a fun little anecdote, plus it’s more about how others are reacting to you rather than you posting something a saccharine overload of an interaction between the two of you. You know, the sort of story that definitely doesn’t go down well.

It might not get universal appeal (nothing ever does), but it should do well. I don’t think it needs to be padded with disclaimers


Cute enough that it made me smile. Grumpy people in the comments will be grumpy even with disclaimers, so I think it’s fine as is.


Thanks everyone, appreciate the feedback ^^


I love it! Please submit.


I think it’s adorable.


Definitely belongs in NARo.


I’ve experienced something similar once, and even though it’s not as special as yours, it does make a story. So yours REALLY makes a story. I loved reading it!


Admin coming in here to insist you submit (you don’t have to if you don’t want but I will say the story made my day and it could make someone else’s too).


Post, and I’m nominating a title of “Put a Ring on It”, which is the conventional sign of unavailability. Or… “His” and “Hers” sweaters, with a difference - or, “I Choose Him” / “I Choose Her”.


I’d say don’t submit it.

It is a sweet story and I enjoyed reading it. I wouldn’t want it to be spoiled by grumpy people in the comments


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