Coworker beaten into permanent disability by thief while at work

This one happened in February. Fuck this is hard to talk about. Thankfully I wasn’t there for this.

I was working in my home office with the manager of our Triad (The triad is a group of three offices that are expected to support each other).

She got a call on the phone, and basically turned white as a sheet. She told me to get in my car and meet her at a particular office: We were going to shut it down.

By the time I got there, she and the DGM were already on site. I started helping them dismantle the client files and get everything packed away to close down the office (In the end we reopened this particular office a month later due to popular demand… people kept wanting to make appointments there)

While I was working I heard the story. Two of my coworkers were working there: A gentle Columbian-American man who was nearly 70 and had more than 15 years of experience, who I mostly knew because he liked to prank call other offices, and a Argentinian-American woman who was still a trainee… this was her first year.

Two people, a man and a woman, came into the building posing as clients. They were walk ins with no appointment. My male coworker began to lead them back to his desk to do their taxes. For whatever reason their names were not put into the system like they should have been.

The woman grabbed my male coworker by the hair and slammed him against the printers, breaking his jaw. He went down like a sack of bricks.

The female coworker decided to be heroic and charged to the male coworker’s rescue. The female assaulter grabbed her, and kicked her in the chest fracturing multiple ribs. Then the female assaulter dragged the female coworker by the arms to the front desk (breaking both arms in the process)

The male assaulter stood back and covered the front entrance.

The male coworker got up and ran out the back door to the drug store across the street and called the cops.

The female assaulter beat on the female coworker, mostly focusing on her face, saying that my tax company had stolen their money and demanding their money back. They insisted that my coworker open the cash drawer.

Training is very clear on what to do in this case: Open the drawer and give them the money. It’s only $120.

But the female coworker tried to play hero, and refused to open it. They kept beating on her, and eventually they stole her purse and her car in retaliation. The cops and ambulance arrived much later.

The male coworker had to have his jaw wired shut for several months recovering from the break, but continued to work.

The female coworker lost vision in one of her eyes (the retina was detached from the beating). The other eye her iris was partly paralyzed so it could no longer focus correctly. She’s now on permanent disability.

I never met her, but apparently all of my coworkers who have met her hated her. But that doesn’t make what happened to her any better.

I just… a comment I saw in another story reminded me of this and I had to share it. Sorry.


Yeesh. All sympathies to both coworkers, but there’s a reason most places have a “don’t be a hero” policy. Female coworker could have been killed. I’m sure you know this, but most places that keep money on site have insurance to cover thefts, so it’s really not worth it. I mean, I get that she was defending the male coworker, but she was outnumbered, and that wasn’t going to end well.

Sorry to hear she ended up on disability, and I hope the male coworker fared better.


He did. He insisted on coming back to work with his jaw still wired. He’s mostly recovered now.


This is why we’re always told to never play the hero but to always give them what they want.