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TransWorld Airlines flights numbered 840 have been unlucky twice:

  1. TWA 840 Rome - Tel Aviv was hijacked in August 1969 and while there were no deaths, some injuries and major damage to the plane did take place. Nobody was kidnapped but after the hijackers got the plane to land at Damascus, the Syrian authorities arrested 6 Israelis, releasing them much later than they released the hijackers.
  2. TWA 840 Los Angeles - New York - Rome - Athens - Cairo was bombed in April 1986, 20 minutes before landing in Athens. The bomb was detonated from inside the aircraft, and four passengers died after they were blown out, seven were injured from the shrapnel. The aircraft made a successful emergency landing immediately.
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The Indian 841 motorcycle.

In 842 CE, Uurad of the Picts dies after a 3-year reign, and is succeeded by his son Bridei VI, who contests his power with rival groups, led by Bruide son of Fokel and Kenneth MacAlpin.

I may have misread a name in this.

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843 acres: the size of New York City’s Central Park. (3.4 square kilometres).

Canon 844 is a canon contained within the 1983 Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church, which defines the administration and reception of certain sacraments of the Catholic Church in normative and particularly exceptional circumstances, known in Catholic canonical theory as communicatio in sacris (worship in common).

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NGC 845 is a Spiral Galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda.

21 U.S. Code § 846 - Attempt and conspiracy

Any person who attempts or conspires to commit any offense defined in this subchapter shall be subject to the same penalties as those prescribed for the offense, the commission of which was the object of the attempt or conspiracy.

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The Ateco 847 piping nozzle is a closed star nozzle for attaching to a pastry bag. It can be used to pipe fancy designs in icing, mashed potatoes, or even cookie dough (mmm, shortbread).

848 is the same when its digits are reversed! That makes it a palindromic number.


Roopkund is a lake in the Himalayas in India. Around 850 CE, a group of pilgrims got stuck here during a hailstorm and did not survive. Their remains were first discovered by a forest ranger during WW2. Roopkund is known as Skeleton Lake and is a well-known hiking destination due to this infamy.

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What happened to 849?


I bet it’s about John Cena; you can’t see it. This tweet from Hulk Hogan has 849 likes:

Can you see this one?

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Arrested by the police. Comes from the common frequency band for police radios. Seen in S01E01 of HBO series ‘The Wire’

“He got 851 this morning”

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852 years ago, in 1170 CE, Thomas Becket is murdered by knights of King Henry II in Canterbury Cathedral.

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US Customs and Immigration form I-854 is the Inter-Agency Alien Witness and Informant Record. It allows law enforcement agencies use to request a noncitizen witness and/or informant receive classification as an S nonimmigrant, and also to request a noncitizen in S nonimmigrant status be allowed to apply for adjustment of status to adjust to lawful permanent resident (LPR) status under section 245(j) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

So, this is a positive incentive for non-citizens to help law enforcement.

855 is the sum of all the digits of all two-digit numbers


How did you work that out? I’ve just patted 10 through to 50 into my calculator, and I’m up to 1,230.

Sum of the digits, not of the numbers themselves.


December 856 CE saw three major earthquakes.

  • An approximate date in November/December: Corinth, Greece. Est. 45,000 dead.
  • Dec 3: Abbasid Caliphate. Est. 45,000 dead.
  • Dec 22: Damghan, Iran. Est. 200,000 dead. USGS calls it the sixth deadliest in recorded history. Aftershocks were reported for years after.