Congratulations! Whats next?

Lets pose a hypothetical.

You have just won the lottery/ had an unknown rich uncle die and leave you a fortune/ got granted a wish from a genie/whatever method you like. You are now recieving monthly payouts and will continue to get them for the rest of time. The payouts are generous and you will be well off for the rest of your life. Not “build a rocket ship” rich but consistently well off. You cant buy a whole bunch of sports cars or spend every day at luxury resorts but you never HAVE to work again and have thousands in disposable income. Since you no longer have to work how do you fill your days? What does your typical Tuesday look like?

Personally, I buy myself a new 42" knee mill, a 14" swing engine lathe, a horiontal band saw, rotary table and all the associated tooling/fastening and spend my days building. Making anything from steam engines, to gear boxes, to anything I can think of.

What about you guys? Whats would a post work day look like for you?


Immediately afterwards, I have a road trip planned out with my best friend. The Great American West Coast Science/Geology Roadtrip, where we stop at a bunch of museums, geological features, ice cream factories forests, and beaches along the west coast. That would probably be one of my first major splurges. After that, I would focus on more long-term projects.

  • Indie publishing press. This would have a strong focus on benefiting the authors; 50/50 profits until the work that went into the book is paid off, and then the author gets 80-90% of the profit. I actually have the plans for this pretty much done. Problem is both me being too unfocused to manage a business in the long run (severe unmedicated ADHD) and not having cover art or marketing skills. Both problems could be solved by hiring people, which the money would allow me to do. Or, you know, paying for medication would also help.

  • Cat cafe. Somewhat less immediately attainable, especially since one technically already exists in this city. Still, it doesn’t have many of the things I would want to add. For instance, a program that would allow people to temporarily drop off their cats if they don’t have anyone to care for them - like if they’re going homeless, they’re going to be in the hospital for a while, they’re unemployed and the job market sucks, etc. Also, while some rooms can be loud, there would be at least one room which is strictly quiet for people who want to read or for shy cats. Oh, and having disabled cats; generally, it’s harder to adopt out cats with disabilities, but cat cafes can increase adoption rates.

  • Low-income housing with a homeless shelter on the side. This would probably be the most expensive, but also probably the most worth it. Essentially, creating apartment buildings to be eco-friendly (which would lower operating costs and costs to the tenants in the long run) and accessible to disabled people. As for the homeless shelter, I would have several programs in place to help people get jobs or get on government programs if they can’t work.

So I would probably be juggling or at least looking into doing those options. Also, I would buy a wine cooler and make cheese. (Cheese needs a humid environment at a specific temperature, which a wine cooler is capable of producing. I don’t have a cellar.)

ETA: I have ideas for education software as well, given the current problem of the government being unwilling to pay for teachers, but that’s something I would probably largely outsource/pay for rather than working on it myself. And I have plans for an app that autoschedules cleaning tasks, but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around coding so I’d also probably outsource that.


How many degrees can one woman study? I intend to find out…

(I mean, I already have two BScs in completely different subjects and I’m halfway through a third, so…)


I’d set up a cat cafe too!

The nearest to me at the moment are York and Sheffield.

As well as the usual stuff that cat cafes do, we’d have one day a week where we help teach cat manners, or help with ailurophobia. There’d be very small groups, but you could also book a one-to-one session if you wanted.

My degree is in Psychology, so it’d be nice to actually use it!

I wouldn’t mind going back to Uni, either, and doing the Performing Arts degree I wanted to do.

Other things - I’d sponsor a Doncaster Rovers player, and a Belles player. Bigger house that’s all ours, then spend ages decorating it. Maybe book a West End week, with different shows every day (Wicked again, Book Of Mormon and Cursed Child for starters).

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My work week is the same. However I invest in the business where I work, improve efficiency and update obsolete equipment. And hire a skip…

I would invest in the things I believe in - my family, my workplace, my home and a heritage railway close by.

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I would submit and work my notice period rather than peace out immediately because my current employer has actually been pretty decent to me and 3 months before beginning my life of luxury isn’t too bad!

I would also do the incredibly boring thing of hiring someone to advise me on investing a significant portion of my winnings - apparently a lot of lottery winners bankrupt themselves within a few years by making dumb ass decisions and I would 100% become one of them if I wasn’t careful.

Of course I would also book an extended vacation for my friends and loved ones at the earliest opportunity.


If it was a lottery win I would definitely take financial advice, invest, etc. Genie wish? £2k/week for the rest of the life of me or my spouse (whoever lives the longest). If we both die young, until the youngest offspring hits 30 shared equally.

Although I would definitely be pragmatic, I would like to do something really fancy too. Fancy thing to be decided.

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  1. Pay off my student loans
  2. Start putting away a generous portion to allow me to buy a house as soon as possible (however long that may be)
  3. in the meantime, buy lots of games, new furniture, books, take my friends out to eat, and plan some vacations - probably to Disney and Japan.
  4. Once I have a house, I move on to the next phase of my life plan - kids. I’d probably wait until they turn 5 and then go back to work, as at that point I’d be getting bored (though I’d do programming work for free as a hobby to make sure I didn’t have a gap in my resume)
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  1. Pay off house
  2. Pay off bills
  3. Buy myself brand new car
  4. Buy house for mil so she doesn’t live with us
  5. Get financial advisor
  6. Go to Disney World
  7. Give owners of the house in Massachusetts that I based the house in my book on an offer they can’t refuse so I can own it.
  8. Travel places I couldn’t travel before due to time and cost.
  9. Spend my days writing my books.
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Depends. Does the money roll in immediately or is there a wait of weeks or months? This is where most people make their first mistake.

I would buy myself a very nice condo, then pay off/buy my siblings homes.

I would find something that interests me to volunteer with, because I find that I need some structure in my life.

I would travel a bit.

My ex-husband and I dreamed of opening an animal sanctuary for unwanted animals, so I would actually donate to a few already running (there’s one especially, in Ireland, that I wish I could afford to contribute to).

Probably a lot of mundane things, that are important but I can’t think of right now.

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