Confusion with Cruise workers over restaurant reservations?

This happened back in 2016. I don’t think I looked good infront of strangers (ie: workers in the 2nd half of the story) It was my parents and my 2nd cruise (our first was in 2013). There was a complimentary Japanese restaurant on-board. (I was the one who later read it was a recently complimentary before you would have paid to go in).

Anyway day 1 (or I think it was day 1-the day we boarded)-after being in our cabin-we um searched(?) the ship to find out what they had. And when we saw the Japanese restaurant for some reason we thought we had to get a reservation for it. So we went down to the desk-and asked if we needed a reservation and the cruise workers at the desk at the time said “Yes”

Near the end of the cruise we wanted to go back to restaurant and since Mom was going to be in the shower and I can’t remember where Dad was-but I was the only one who could go down (on Mom’s orders)-and get a reservation. I go and ask for a reservation and they (the workers on the desk this time) tell me I didn’t need a reservation. I’m not exactly sure what happened but I remember I think having a meltdown and saying that their co-workers on another day told us that we needed a reservation. I think I ended up with a reservation anway

My sister reckons that most of the time, specifically weekdays, you can use a restaurant without bothering to reserve a table. Until the pandemonium happened, I suppose that this worked for her. Still, if I intend to make a special occasion or just to be the host of a party, then I’ll book.

But I was talking about a restaurant on a cruise ship. One set of desk people said we needed reservations and the other set said we didn’t.