Completed the Lyric game!

So the rules might be made as we go along since I’m not sure what rules should be created during the game. The idea is simple one person will post part of a song lyric from a song and others have to complete the lyric.

Maybe it should go like it is on the Film thread or on the Hangman-sort of thread -that the first person to complete the lryic correctly can do the next lyric (doesn’t have to be the same song). or you can pass your turn on to another person. We might wait a couple of days before posting (note: I wouldn’t be on the Sept 26th till October 2nd).

If people want we can change it to “complete the song” instead like we sometimes do on the comment section of thee main site ? But same idea applies

I will start off this one is associated with Halloween but it’s not from Nightmare before Christmas

As horror looks you right…

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…Between the eyes
You’re Paralysed

Cause this is Thriller!


you’re turn! unless you want to pass?

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I’ll pass at the moment, not feeling very well

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Can I post one?

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sure! Since Athenacat said they’ll pass! your turn

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Show some respect,
Down on one knee…


(I don’t know which version you wanted, since Wills version is different than Robin’s)

Now try your best to stay calm,
Brush up your Friday/Sunday Saalam;
Then Come and meet his spectacular coterie!


Ah, I’ve only seen the animated one, not the live-action remake.

But yes. :man_genie:

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I guess it’s my turn now that I’m awake lol.

I’m hardly perfect,
I’m barely good,
Just shy of greatness, oh oh…


I’m heavy metal, I’m hollow wood

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Such a good song, I have it blasting while I do my rounds :slight_smile:

Don’t you blink you might miss it

@PublishedAuthor it’s your turn, or do you want to pass?

I did. That’s my song lyric up there.

Don’t you blink you might miss it

sorry I didn’t understand

No worries.

Your babies growing like mine did

Not that one. There’s another song with these lyrics. :slight_smile:

well maybe someone else can give it a try