Complete the Lryic game Try 2

Tne original game closed on Dec 9th. So we will try again. The last one wasn’t finshed it was @Carcharocles’ turn

Grasping at dead straws again
I’m clawing at dry sand
Can’t remember where I’ve been
Or who died on command

@Carcharocles was it this:

Our minds are what they after
So I drown in your laughter
Our souls in sweet reunion
We die to keep it moving

Yes, that’s it!

For those wondering, the song is Beautiful Destroyer by Comes With The Fall. The lead singer of Comes With The Fall was William DuVall, who is now with Alice in Chains.

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My turn:

Someday my prince will come
It’s certain as the sunrise
One day the slipper fits
And you see the love in his eyes

Another hint:
The wish we’re making on a star is coming true
The colors of the wind will lead
My heart right back to you
'Cause if you can dream