Complaining about periods

Okay so I’ve never made a thread before but I just needed to vent about this specifically and figured if anybody else has similar experiences they could talk about it here.
I have the WORST periods. Like, I just spent half and hour-ish throwing up in the bathroom and this is not a one-time occurrence, this has been happening since high school and it sucks. Plus, awful cramps and a lot of time spent in the bathroom in general.
Anybody else have really rough periods? I just need a bit of sympathy right now, I’m exhausted and it’s only 4pm where I am, and I have STUFF I NEED TO DO, ugh.


I have zero qualifications or experience in such matters, so i have no frame of reference to the level of awfulness, but it sounds serious. Have you seen a doctor about this?


Seconding Stephen. Too many people never see a doctor because they think the pain they experience during their period is normal. If it’s to the level that it interrupts your everyday life, it is not normal and you should seek medical input.


I talked to my old doctor about it when I was in high school and she said it was normal. My mom was not so sure, but we were only sort of looking for a new doctor when the pandemic happened and we couldn’t go. We’ve got a new doctor now and I’ll bring it up at my first appointment, but that’s going to be a while…


Yeah, I figured as much, but my old doctor said it was normal and I haven’t had a chance to see another one yet. We’ll see. Ugh.


Throwing up is definitely a red flag. I’ve been lucky but my sisters both had heavy periods. One was prescribed painkillers and the other put on a long term birth control thing before she hit 13.

I’d definitely talk to your doctor about it as soon as you are safely able to.


Yeah. Fortunately the vomiting doesn’t happen every period and I’m good at predicting in time to get to a bathroom, but it is probably not good.


Have you talked with a gyn about this?

Most people say that pain and discomfort is a part of it, but it is not true. Endometriosis is pretty widespread but rarely diagnosed because we are raised to “suck it up”.

I’ve had really bad periods since I was a kid, but never heard of endometriosis until maybe 10 years ago. My gyn says I probably have it, considering all my symptoms, but the only way to know for sure (in my case, because she couldn’t see any cysts on the ultrasound) would be surgery, I didn’t want that.

For me having my period is hell for 2-3 days. The pain usually makes me vomit and/or faint, my back, abdomen and my entire legs including feet cramp. I have UTI like problems and stomach issues too. My cervix hurts to the point where I can’t even sit anymore


Haven’t talked to a gyn about it. My periods are nowhere near that bad, for me the first day is the worst. I only have the risk of vomiting on the first day, bad cramps usually last the first two days, cramps run down my thighs but no lower. That really sucks.
Hopefully talking to the new doctor my mother found will yield results. My pediatrician kind of sucked in other ways too, so it’s not surprising, she had a pattern of dismissing concerns my mother had about me and my sister when we were kids (weird bumps on my arms, constant fatigue for both of us, the vomiting).


If possible, bring it up to your gyn. I personally wouldn’t bother addressing it to my GP, I’d go straight to the experts :wink:
Endometriosis is also called “the chameleon of gynecology” because the symptoms can vary so so much, it is often even difficult to get properly diagnosed from a gynecologist.

Started taking the pill when I was around 13 because of it, and tried several different hormonal shit for 15-ish years. It did help me against the endo, but brought another set of problems


I was going to mention that. Repeat after me:


I am a borderline hemophiliac which we found due to 2 week long periods along with overflowing an overnight maxipad plus a depends on multiple occasions as well as 6 overnight maxipads between 6 AM to noon (one of the few times I wasn’t technically sick and missed school).


Talk to a doctor. Insist on a solution.

I had debilitating menstrual cramps one to two days a month, most months. Around 1982, I saw a book called No More Menstrual Cramps (which also dealt with other gynecological issues) and persuaded my doctor to prescribe Anaprox, the new medication mentioned in the book. (It is now an OTC med, generic name Naproxen.) It helped a lot, but it took about 90 minutes to become effective. Then I got married and started birth control pills. Didn’t have another painful period once I was on the pill, right up until menopause. If only I had gone on the pill 10 years sooner!


From what I know about periods from popular culture, the kind of trauma you’re experiencing is NOT normal. See someone who knows what they’re talking about, who wont just shrug and say “Women’s trouble, am I right?” and send you on your way with a lollipop.


You Need Indica in Your Life …

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