Colorado to begin accepting crypto as payment

Not a NAR story, but I feel like it should be.

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Why gross?

Bitcoin uses as much annually energy as Argentina. All to move some small amount of money around and pay for child porn and drugs. And that’s just bitcoin, crypto uses more energy. Pretending like cryptocurrency is more than just a way to send money around that’s slightly harder to track than standard channels isn’t a useful stance for government to take.


Sweden agrees with Colorado.

With the advent of a cashless society fast approaching, is it an objection to crypto being uncontrolled by the government or the fact that you can’t have access to it out of an ATM?

Personally, I would like to see the energy comparison of all the virtual transactions of a mainstream currency Vs a similar amount for Crypto.

I’m just curious does Sweden actually do super private banking like in the movies and books?

The next biggest hit men will be hackers that can steal your crypto

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I don’t have that information. I do have a comparison of a single Bitcoin transaction compared to 100k purchases using a Visa. It’s something like 15 times as much energy to do that single Bitcoin transaction.


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