Cold recipe ideas for left over Queso dip?

I got Queso dip way back in April. I got it at the same time I got chocolate for Easter for the parents. And I also did some impulsive buying and the only other items beside the Easter chocolate for parents was SmartFood Popcorn (I was getting tired of Compliments’ Popcorn even if it IS cheaper)

And I also got two bag of Crispers- one was an “All Dressed” one I had the year before and another flavour-which I just opened today BBQ

(I been using the Crispers chips for the “Grain” part of my sort of taco Chilli dish)

and Quaker’s Rice Cakes

(The Crispers and the Rice Cakes like Rice Krispe Cereal and Nesquik cereal- are comfort food for me since during my pre-teen years when I had school lunches Crispers and Rice cakes would be the only thing I would actually eat)

but just when I was about to leave the chip aisle which i’m pretty sure is where the Crispers are-I will need to do double check another day- I saw the Tostis brand jars and I almost left except my brain told me “maybe you want to try something new that’s cheesy?” and I went back and grabbed a jar of Queso. And I opened it not too long afterwards.

Now my think is that I need sort of cold ideas for the use of the Queso cheese dip since even though it’s best-by date is October 28th, 2022 - Mom doesn’t think it last very many months in the fridge.

All I can find seem to be hot food- like chilli (like I had today), Mac and cheese- and unless there’s a cold day in the summer its highly unlike I will be having mac and cheese not unless I want to recreate the kitchen days of Bible camp/s We don’t eat nachos so that’s out and the only kind of taco dishes we like are 1)in salads, 2)in wraps or in the winter (which I didn’t get to make this winter which I’m a pretty grumpy about)- a Cheesy Taco pie think of it as a Cheesy cousin to Shepard’s pie, or Cottage pie. Oh and my dad doesn’t like Pretzels so that if I even wanted to make Pretzel bites it would be only mom and I eating them

You don’t eat nachos. Is there a reason that you don’t or is it just that your parents don’t? Because getting some tortilla chips and dipping them in queso is one of the reasons Tostitos sells queso dip. You could also get a bag of pretzels to dunk in the dip, a lot of people like that. I don’t see why what your dad likes has to come into the picture if you’re just trying to use a jar of dip. Get a bag or two and try it.

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I’m not sure the reason we don’t eat nachos. But I think it has something to do with it never actually appealed to us or at least appealed to the parents ? But I have had nachos outside of the house -like when I went to a now-former pub with Mom and my Church Unit (but Mom wasn’t there) and I had nachos after returning from one of my several trips abroad which I brought from bowling Alley snack thing.

Actually- the normal Tortilla chips are the main reason I got the Queso dip in the first place since I’m not really a big fan (don’t know why) of normal Tortilla chips vs. something like Doritos unless there’s something to dip them in (ie: hummus, spinach/tzatziki dip) or they a kind of “flavour” of some kind: like Doritos.

The only way I normally use normal tortilla chips in anything would have been 1)cheesy taco dish in winter time or 2)taco salad in summer but crushed up. Otherwise I stay about as far a away from Tortilla chips like Dad stays far away from pretzels.

We already have a bag of pretezels but there’s pretzels, Doritos, Sunchips, and Cheetos in the big Party Mix bag we get at Costco. (I did discover the first night i had it open- that Pretezel, Dorotis, and Sunchips taste good w/ Queso).

But Nacchos like chilli, or mac and cheese is as far as I know a “hot food” . But then again this is the person whom likes to have hot mircowave cheese sandwhiches alot-and except for lately-since I been eatting other things- I been using the Queso as a subsite for Cheese whiz on my sandwiches.

I guess depending on what I have left of my TV dinners in the basement I could jazz them up with some Queso?

You seem to have a lot of workable ideas. I say try them all and see how it works out. It’s very hard for it to go to wrong when you’re just mixing queso dip with other things.

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What I like to do; get a hearty hogie roll, sliced chicken breast, tomato, onion, and a couple leafs of romaine hearts. I cut the roll almost all the way through. I spread the queso on the inside of roll, (I go thick with it because I like it cheesy), then I layer several slices of the chicken, tomato, onion and romaine leafs. I then add several more slices of chicken on top of the other layers. Close the sandwich (as much as you can because it will be full of the goodies. I gently push down what tried to come out of the top). Plate that baby up, add some chips and slice of pickle spear, a tasty soda or iced tea… Oh nom nom nom :yum:

Cold queso is also pretty darn good with raw broccoli and cauliflower dipped in it.

Lastly, if you like french fries, gently heat queso for a few seconds until it’s pourable and pour it in thin streams over the fries. Be sure to not drown the fries, unless you want to, but cover them generously. You can add some chopped pickled jalapenos over the top. Yum :yum:
Over a hamburger instead of a slice of cheese.
A steak-umm sandwich is also delicious with queso.
On a baked potato too. The sky’s the limit sweetheart. :heart:

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Layered bean dip. Refried beans, sour cream, queso or shredded cheese, some diced tomatoes or peppers of some form. Eat cold with a spoon and chips or crackers. Well, you could skip the spoon, but I always have bad luck with the chip or cracker breaking.

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