I’ve just read the coincidences round-up and it reminded me of a story but I don’t think it’s NAR worthy so I thought I would share it here.

I used to be a plane spotter. Just like cars, aircraft have unique registrations. The aim of the game in my part of the hobby was to collect as many as I could. There are entire books dedicated to it.

Three similarly minded friends and I went on holiday from the UK to South West USA. One of those friends worked for an airport and as such could get discounted air travel.

The best flight he found took us East initially to Germany before crossing the Atlantic after going back over the UK. The first coincidence happened on this flight.

This flight took us over Edinburgh and we noticed an aircraft on the runway just starting its takeoff roll. As we were plane spotters we always had binoculars close to hand so we were able to see what the airline and aircraft type was. We noted this down to find the registration later thanks to the internet and a well-connected web of other spotters.

A few days later we saw an aircraft flying overhead. Again we noted down the relevant details to find the registration when we got home.

A few days further in to our holiday we overheard a familiar accent, a Scottish one. Given we both live on the same island far from our current location, and we had a shared interest in aircraft, we got talking.

This is where everything comes together. Not only was he from Edinburgh, he was also at the airport as we went overhead so we were able to swap details on the respective flights we wanted to find out. Both the one we saw on the runway, but also he wanted to know our aircraft registration too.

And he flew in on the same flight we saw overhead that we had yet to track down so that tied everything up for us. Quite the coincidence given we were close to 2,000 miles from home.

Do you have a coincidental story to tell? Feel free to add it here.


Not my own, but one of my Italian literature professors relayed this to me.
Jerusalem Delivered (Gerusalemme Liberata), by Torquato Tasso, is a cornerstone of early Italian literature studies.
This prof was delivering a lecture to some university students in a library room. One of the students said, “Professor, I know it’s kind of heresy for one of us to say this, but I’ll be honest – I just don’t think Gerusalemme Liberata is that important or good.” At that very moment, just as he finished his sentence, a book containing a collection of Tasso’s works fell off one of the shelves.
Looks like Tasso had something to say about his disparaging statement :grin:.


I once won a game console through a competition by a tv station.
seeing as I was a poor high schooler I didn’t have any money for games; but the day after the console arrived, a package arrived from the public transport company ‘congrats, you are the winner of our monthly ticket holder competition, enjoy this game for [game console]’.

I never used the public transport and as such never had a bus pass from them.


don’t know if this counts as coincidences. But I was at my volunteer job today and when I was going through the pews- in one of them I found an “ancient” church bullitien. And when I say Ancient… I mean its was from when I was NINE YEARS OLD. So techinally not yesterday!

Does “improbably perfect timing” count?

Several years ago, my brother and I attended the same religious education lessons held by our priest at the time.
One time, we were discussing the excerpt from the gospel of John of St. Thomas meeting Jesus after his resurrection – after Jesus rose from the grave, he met the 10 apostles (there were 11, but Thomas was not with them at the time), who, afterwards, told Thomas they had met the Lord, but he did’t believe them. Later, Jesus appeared to all 11 apostles at once and invited Thomas to touch his wounds so that he would believe.

Notably, John makes no mention of whether Thomas did, in fact, touch Jesus’ wounds, only that he exclaimed “My Lord and My God!” So, our priest asked us, “Do you think Thomas touched the wounds or not?”
After a moment of thinking, in perfect unison, my brother said “Yes” and I said “No”. Seriously, we couldn’t have gotten the timing more perfect if we practiced for it :grin:.


I once tried to call my Dad’s office back in the day of rotary dial telephones. After I completed dialling my Dad said hello before the phone even rang once and asked how I had picked up so quickly.

After some mutual confusion we figured out that we had both tried to call each other at exactly the same moment and that the phone hadnt actually rang at either end.


I have a strange and possibly distorted memory of the equivalent lesson given by my school. In the version I remember Thomas really, REALLY didn’t want to touch the wounds but Jesus insisted that he had to.


When we were still kittenless but looking, I booked my husband and I into our favourite cat cafe. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get our usual Friday morning slot, so I booked for the afternoon instead.

In the second hour, I was chatting to a lady called Sarah, who told me that she was from the same town as me. This wasn’t surprising in itself, but she showed me pictures of a gorgeous calico kitten (nicknamed Evil) that she was trying to find a home for! I immediately said I was interested.

Over the weekend, she sent me more pictures of the calico to make sure I hadn’t just been saying that. I confirmed we wanted the kitten, and asked if there were any others available that the kitten got on well with - yes, her black brother, Liquorice.

We went over on Monday, met both kittens, and got everything sorted out for collecting them on Thursday.

Those kittens are now known as Void and Vortex, and are very happily settled in!

The coincidence is that if I’d been able to get the usual slot, we’d never have met Sarah, which would have meant we would be kittenless to this day.

I get the feeling Void and Vortex were meant for us.


On a not-dissimilar note…

A year and a half ago, I was mostly over the trauma of my old cat Sirocco’s last months, and was vaguely thinking about the patter of little paws. I’d just finished studying a university-level course in Greek and Roman myth, which had a section on portrayals of the myth of Daedalus through time.

Idly scrolling through the RSPCA website, looking for cats who could be kept indoors, I came upon one Icarus whose needs exactly fitted what I had to offer.

Me and my ginger chonk were fated.


it didn’t happen at the same time but Yesterday as part of our day in Toronto, Mom and I got off the subway (TTC) at a station which from the late 70s-2004 had a “moving sidewalk” (got removed in 2004) well tonight a Facebook page I follow called “Old Toronto Series” had a picture of both the station back in the late 1970s with the moving sidewalk and how it looked last year (in 2022)



Is this coincidence or incredible timing?

When i was in my teens, our family went out for the day; i forget where. Mum was driving, Dad was in the front passenger seat, and Sis and I were in the back. It was my turn for selecting the music, and i had a tape of synthesiser cover versions playing.

At this point, Dad and i were chatting away, sis was reading a magazine, and mum was concentrating on the road; very important as we were approaching a level crossing.

All of a sudden, mum shouted out “Where’s the train?”. We were just getting on the level crossing, the gates were open for us, but we could all hear a train…

Now, I’ve listened to this album countless times, so i knew it extremely well. Dad had heard it a few times too, so when the sounds of the train came through on the car speakers as it always does at the end of this version of Magnetic Fields part 2 by Jean Michel Jarre, neither of us paid it any attention. But Mum, who hadn’t heard it so much, and who at that precise moment was driving over a level crossing, was understandably concerned!

We all laughed about it afterwards. Mum said she couldn’t believe how unconcerned everyone else was to the sound of a train when we were on the train tracks.

But talk about bad timing… just as you go over the track, the album starts to play the sound of a train