I been helping my father with shopping on Thursday mornings. Well today at our last grocery stop (we decided to skip a “mart-wall”, and another store which is a membership store) which is a small scale grocery store while the woman customer in front of us started screaming at the young woman cashier for helping to bag her groceries. (This is the only store, I know of in my province, which the cashier does that all other grocery stores you have to pack your own groceries), and even when the cashier wasn’t doing anything and the woman still continued screaming. berating the cashier

What does the color of her skin have to do with the story, other than to advocate, without saying it out loud, your point of view in this stereotype?

Well she’s not white unlike my dad and I. So I’m not even allowed in a story to say a person is not white? It’s part of the bloody story? " Women yelling at cashier" doesn’t make sense right" or you guys would assume she’s white if I don’t put skin colour right?

Essentially, without race, this is a non-story. Karen yells at cashier doesn’t have any unique points. Maybe we should have a “Minor experiences” thread?

But I had never seen an angry Karen who wasn’t white before and not in Real Life only on TV. in the news. (I mean White Karens, being in the news not Black Karens)

There’s a first time for everything. Congratulations on popping this experience!

I removed the references to dark-skin, but I still think it’s important because I don’t want people to automatically assume after my edit that the woman was Asian, or white when the woman wasn’t either of those groups.

But aren’t we sterotyping a group of people name Karens because not all Karens act like the self-entitled bitches whom ask for a manager. I have an Aunt, who I believe is a Karen she certainly is a spoiled brat, but I only been out with supper with the extended family twice. (The other times, my family brought Chinese food)

The Karen stereotype isn’t based on race personally. It’s based on American soccer moms (who may or may not be white) who usually have a very particular hairstyle and generally believe that they and their crotch goblins are the main characters in everyones lives. It’s negative yes, but not based on race. Xenophobia based would be a better way to understand why it’s negative.

I do, however, believe that the Karen stereotype is fading.

I agree with the others. There’s no need to bring race into it. The sooner we stop identifying people by a stereotype the better. And yes, identifying her as a dark skinned woman is perpetuating the stereotype.

Whether the customer was black, yellow, white or green with purple polka dots her screaming at the cashier was wrong.

I believe you have said you’re autistic. Please forgive me if I’m wrong. But how would you feel if someone saw you saying or doing something and called you, “An autistic woman”? Or if, as someone else pointed out, “A red haired woman?”

This isn’t a criminal case where a defining characteristic might be helpful in finding the right person. This is simply the case of a customer being disrespectful to the cashier. Yes maybe she wasn’t happy with the way her groceries were being packed. My mil is the same way. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about saying something.

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No one would know I’m austic unless they know me. A complete stranger wouldn’t know I was autstic. Like I got into trouble both at school and at (day-program) getting mad at people who weren’t shut up when video was playing and I kept asking them to be quiet.

Heck, I got suspended in high school for asking two boys behind me, to be quiet when they’re talking about either what they’re did on the weekend or what they’re going to do on the weekend and all we were suppose to talk about was our separate star compass.

And one of the leaders at the program tried to claim I “threw” something… (I didn’t)… but she wanted me to socalize at day-program. But when the same topics kept happening over&over again, it was starting to make me depress like pre-Covid, the Nov calender was always about “Food”. Food budgeting, food safety, etc. Another calendar was about something else, etc. I might have made the cake container I had with me threw it down a bit because of this leader picking on me. So I had to take a couple of weeks off from that program and tried a sister program closer to home which was much more cramped place then (day-program).

But if I shouldn’t be calling the customer non-white… does that mean I shouldn’t be calling the cashier an Asian by the same reasoning even the story I was at was a small Asian grocery store (compared to the other big Asia supermarkets)? Because it doesn’t make sense i’m allowed to call an Asian an, Asian but not allowed to identify someone as non-white in the same story.

Just describe them as customer and worker. As for the shop, describe it as a shop.


But it’s a shop which is mostly does Asian food, not non-Asian food (ok it does stock some normal cereal like Timbits cereal, and Oeros and Nesquik cereal) . I don’t think I can’t explain anything about the story without what people think of “racial Steroypes”. if I can describe the cashier as Asian or the store as Asian (even though its just called “town market”), it’s a still a run by non-whites. I don’t see why I can’t describe the customer as non-white or not Asian either (yes I know there are dark-skin Asians as well) but yet I’m allowed to call the cashier Asian? Since she’s also is “not white” or what people perceived as white. I have half-Chinese cousins.

I don’t want to label employee as Chinese, because I don’t know if she is even though she can speak one of the Chinese languages fine with people Dad thinks are her family members. (I don’t like Dad thinking it’s a family business-I don’t think if it is)

Ok, you guy’s are right, I removed the references to both the characters’ race since they don’t have anything to do with race.

Karen stereotypes are absolutely based upon race. Or they were before white people co-opted the term. Karens are known for weaponizing whiteness to hurt people of color who happen to be in their area. Like the Karen who got upset that (black) people were barbecuing at Lake Merritt in Oakland or the Karen who was trying to kill that (black) birdwatcher in New York.

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No one would have assumed anything. There is no reason to add race to this.

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