I been helping my father with shopping on Thursday mornings. Well today at our last grocery stop (we decided to skip a “mart-wall”, and another store which is a membership store) which is a small scale Asian food grocery store while the dark-skin woman customer in front of us started screaming at the cashier for helping to load her groceries. (This is the only store, I know of in my province, which the cashier does that all other grocery stores you have to pack your own groceries), and even when the cashier wasn’t doing anything and the woman still continued screaming. berating the cashier.

This woman gives other non-white women folk like her a bad name due to the “Black Angry Woman” sterotype

Some people are very particular about how groceries are loaded into bags. Yelling’s never a good way to deal with that, though, and very unfair to people who are simply doing their job. Any chance it was exacerbated by the cashier breaking social distancing to do so, if the customer was also by the groceries to try to bag them herself?

But also: Was the woman who was screaming bringing race into it? Either way, why is she giving other people who happen to have a similar skin tone a bad name any more than she was giving, say, women or people of her particular height or weight or eye color or those who live in Canada or etc. a bad name, as opposed to just giving herself a bad name?


nope the woman wasn’t bringing race into it. But Dad thinks the non-white woman (ie dark-skin woman, not the lighter, Chinese-Canadian descendant) was Jamaican but she could be any dark-skin woman not just Jamaican, Could be African descendant, middle-eastern Descent.

But even though part of the cashier’s job at this Asian food market is to pack your groceries unlike the other stores. And they’re standing away from the woman. They’re standing in the area where the cash register was, well the woman was standing at the end where you’re technically suppose to pick up your groceries after the cashier packs them. So that’s like 3 feet apart or something So still plenty of distance between the two women. If the woman doesn’t want help to pack groceries, I think she should go someplace else, where se has to do it herself.

I’m only saying that the woman is giving other dark-skin women a bad name because by screaming at a cashier, it implies are dark-skin women as “aggressive” and “loud” some of the stereotypes which surround dark-skin women.

Do things you do imply that all people with red hair do those things?

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Not the same thing. Red people are temperamental and have a sharp tonque. I don’t know if I’m good in bed due to the fact I don’t have a partner. And even if I wasn’t, because I’m white, I’m not going to be discrimated aganist because of my hair colour. I would probably be discrimated aganist because of my disability

Look up the trope “angry black woman”. It’s a literally stereotype that most dark-skin woman have to over come.

Black women must overcome the angry black woman stereotype, which characterizes black women as bad-tempered, hostile and overly aggressive.

and this customer in my story was all 3- bad tempered, hostile and overly-aggressive.


Further, in two experiments, the researchers found that when a black woman displays anger, it actually activates that stereotype in observers

Yes, I’m fully aware of that. Do you understand that by judging and posting things such as “This woman gives other non-white women folk like her a bad name” you are perpetuating such stereotypes?

(Not to get into doing things like presuming she’s Jamaican solely based on the color of her skin…)


Well that’s why I changed the title to dark-skin woman. Instead of the Jamican woman because like I said, she could be Middle-East descendant, African descendant, etc

And how am I’m perpetuating a stereotype, when I saw a dark-skin woman yesterday acting like this very stereotype of the “black angry woman” towards another minority group? Since technically isn’t the dark-skin woman actually giving other women like her bad name by being this stereotype?

That’s like saying you’re never allowed to be temperamental because it would perpetuate silly, annoying stereotypes about redheads. She’s a human being; so are each of us. Sometimes we’re calm, sometimes we’re angry, sometimes we’re annoyed or irritable or equanimous or diplomatic or silent. Where she went wrong was in yelling at the cashier, not in being angry while having naturally dark skin.

Edited to add: Incidentally, you might re-read that Forbes article you linked. It does not support your argument; it suggests, rather, that it’s important for others to overturn and overcome the stereotype, not on black women to suppress their emotions (which it notes can actually be harmful to do, and that expressing emotions so others can witness them helps to normalize an expressive emotional range).


Sorry, but I agree with Biliovore; the only thing giving “other non-white women a bad name” is the ignorance of Non- Dark-skinned" people perpetuating the stereotype.
Being a large “dark-skinned” man, I, myself, am considered “Loud” as well. Not strictly because of anger, either (I’m actually LOUDER when I’m happy!). I’m constantly yelled at by people (of ALL races), and I’ll respond only to be told “Don’t raise your voice at me!”, usually by someone yelling louder than I am. The Stereotype is real, but like Bibliovore said , trying to hold it in for too long actually makes it worse, especially when the burden of fighting a stereotype falls on those being stereotyped, NOT those perpetuating it!


I disagree, this woman was being very hostile and aggressive to an Asian woman. And I still think that the woman does give other non-dark skin women bad names by being hostile and aggressive to an employee just doing their job. POC men have other stereotypes. being lazy, being savage, being an “uncle Tom”.

By the non-white person being hostile and aggressive it makes people not want to interact with other non-white women. So, in a sense, isn’t that giving a other dark-skin women bad name?

P.s I mean I know, that not all non-white women are like that since I know she’s still alive) a non-white woman who is the mother of one of my schoolfriends (and her siblings) who was mixed. She is a very nice woman whom I sometimes interacted with when I delivered Catalogues for (defunct company)

I know a lot of dark-skinned boys at school. One boy in elementary school was a minor bully of mine (the major bullies, were the white boys). But his younger brother whom I meet in high school was a much nicer then the minor bully and for some reason kept checking on me?

Sorry @Celoptra but I can only describe your attitude on this matter as “diet racist”. Alternatively SJW because you are trying to drum up people being offended because of the race of the woman. What started as a story about an entitled grunt being a grunt has only had race added into it by you. Particularly as you brought up the “positive stereotypes” of people with red hair because that isn’t the thing you’d be discriminated against for. It is not her job to fight the stereotype. It is all of ours, including yours. Stop perpetuating the negativity. You will not find support from us on this issue. I highly recommend abandoning this thread and letting it fade into obscurity until locked. Further posts won’t help you here.


I HAD been letting it faded into obscurity. until Brad posted. I’m making a new thread and leaving sterotypes out of it this time. Just telling the story.