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in my SimLit my character Selene is going to run for whatever your country’s version is of “the top leader”. President, Prime Minster, etc. Her slogan or is it motto? “No Sim is left behind”

What could be some some other chants she and her followers could use while campaigning to deal with issues? I know in my story in earlier gens I have sort of implied racism (Gen 2 and Gen 4) even though sims is a utopia but it’s my story. I know in the first written speech she will in the following chapter after the one I working on … I know she’s going to be saying the Code of Honour that knights (supposedly) had in medieval times.

Ok here’s the sort of written first speech (and the only speech) for her:

“ONE for ALL and ALL for ONE!’ since the last one died in prison about 13yrs ago. Since the needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few. If you vote for me everyone will have a home no matter how poor or the colour of their skin. I will make sure that police, judges, business owners receive the lessons of Compassion, Courage, Respect, Charity and Honesty that knights were once taught to follow.”

she does other speeches and debates “off-screen” against what will be her Father-in-law (his son hates his father so is writing for Selene instead)

So idea for chants in the idea of “No Sim Left Behind”?

(you’re welcome to create other political speeches for Selene to use, if they’re more Socialist centre ie left wing).

Her song is Les Miserables “Do You Hear the People Sing?”

Equality before Equity?

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“Courage, my friends; 'tis not too late to build a better world.” — Tommy Douglas, “father” of Canada’s public health care system

“ Canada is a great country, one of the hopes of the world. We can be a better one – a country of greater equality, justice, and opportunity.”— Jack Layton, NDP

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that first person is also the maternal grandfather of the actor Kiefer Sutherland. Since his Dad was the Son-in-Law of Tommy Douglas.

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“You have nothing to fear but fear of a power cut whilst saving!”

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confused how is that left side of politics? (left side: equality for all)

It’s a joke, Celoptra. Although I was confused a bit, because in Canada we say “power outage” or “blackout”, not “power cut”. “Power cut” sounds pretty scary when combined with shaving!

Or were you asking about CJR’s comment? That has me a bit puzzled too.


I was talking about Stephen’s commnet it went over my head.


“You have nothing to fear but fear itself” is the original phrase, and a power cut whilst saving (not shaving, @LeadingZero!) might mean al progress is lost in the game.


Now that I think of it … I could use some of the American’s presidents mottos Even this writer is from Canada. Like “a Chicken in Every pot”. I know that guy is considered to be a bad president but the Depression (Hoover was the president in the 1930s right?) wasn’t his fault.

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Hmm… guess I’d better clean my glasses!

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Possible chant: “universal income, universal progress” [Universal basic income is a concept where everyone, regardless of need, gets paid a stipend that will cover their basic necessities. For most people, this means financial security if they lose their jobs. For disabled people, this means getting money to survive without fighting for it or without worrying about losing it if they earn too much. For the government, they don’t spend millions of dollars fighting to wrestle a few thousand out of the hands of people who need it.]

Speech: “We are a herd. Our strength is unity, and with unity, we strengthen all. And yet, so many of us break off on their own in the name of being at the head of the pack. Like crabs in a pot, they pull others down for a brief chance at being on top. But this is a meaningless struggle. Even if you finish first in the race for survival, the race is only over and the awards only given out when the last person has crossed the finish line. We must stop pushing others back from the finish line, prolonging our struggle in the name of clutching for a first place medal. Society only progresses as fast as its neediest members. As long as a single person is trapped in the race to survive, we are all trapped. I swear that I will end this race, with No Sim Left Behind!”


@LeadingZero Equity is the ownership of assets that may have debts or other financial liabilities attached to them. Essentially People before Business.

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Okay. Equity vs equality is often used like this:

->Edited to use a slightly better image.

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I haven’t seen that before. To me equity involves business ownership, home ownership and the like. Thanks for showing me the pic.

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cool picture.

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Hmm, “People before Profits”!?

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A couple of weeks ago, a distant cousin who is a right-leaning palindrome denier posted this George Carlin clip (warning: bad language!):
The Owners of this Country
When I asked him if he was going to vote NDP (Canada’s leftmost party) in the next election, his response was “bleep no!” I guess he just liked thinking that he was truly educated because he knew the “truth” and the rest of us are just patsies.

what is a Palindrome denier? Is that anything like the Toddlers whom held up Ottawa during the winter?