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he normally goes shopping on the Thursday he just couldn’t last week since he “needed to not drive for two days” after his operation and since I can’t drive and Mom can’t drive. Beside, doing it on Thursday means we don’t have to wait in whom knows how big line-ups on Friday being Black Friday

If I remember correctly she has a disability. I’m not saying this to be mean. It’s just the way her brain works. I have a friend with ADHD and sometimes she is the same way.

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There’s a disability and then there’s poor behaviour. She has admitted in previous posts that she’s been raised to throw a tantrum if she doesn’t get what she wants. This goes beyond ADHD and the like in my uneducated belief. Celopatra is 31, old enough to understand that the world is not an echo chamber. Asking a question may result in people who disagree with you.

However, there has been an increase in the maturity shown compared to previous AIBU type posts. I am glad to see that there has been communication within the family which has been able to improve the situation. Before, there was only a willingness to complain without doing anything to resolve the situation (the soda shelf debacle).


Sorry but in this case you’re wrong. I wasn’t having a temper tantrum. It just I hadn’t been informed until YESTERDAY I had to help Dad with the grocery shopping for the “foreseeable future” and because of my plans for Saturday (going to the mall w/ friends). My plan was to sleep in on Friday. But due to Dad saying “we ll be going on Thursday instead I can still sleep in on Friday”

So Like I said my brain is like a factory-Gear A is Saturday Sleeping in. Gear B is sleeping in on Friday. Gear C is Sleeping in on Sunday. Then Gear BA is changing my clothes on Sunday, while Gear BB is changing my clothes on Monday. So because I wasn’t aware until yesterday… my brain had shifted to Gear B and once Dad told me my brain basically broke down like machine in a factory until I got it into Gear C and Gear BB. Now it’s back in Gear B and BA

I COULD have been told that I needed to help Dad for “foreseeable future” last Friday so my mind didn’t make that plan which it went back to making (Gear B/ Gear BA).

But could you please leave this thread? Because you been nothing but rude and nasty to me.

I think I have the right for a bit more then two days notice like for someone like myself… I need at least a week’s notice especially when I might have other plans for the following week.

and about the soda debacle- that’s was I got tired of Dad kept blocking my pop shelf with his big boxes of Cereal or sometimes the old ice chest. Or a usually basket with handles. And I like to be able to see all my pop at the same time and I also want to be able to access my pop on the shelf w/o needing help from a parent. And with Dad’s crap blocking it I can’t reach it unless I move whatever Dad’s crap is from in front of the shelf.

I mean the other month mom cut up some cheese for me for my sandwiches or whatever and I had a fit, because Mom was taking away one of the few things that made me feel grown-up.

Oh and there’s one time I blew up because I didn’t want to make fruit on Sunday afternoon when Mom was doing laundry I think. And I had to make Fruit Sunday Nights-Thursday nights (Friday nights, if Mom I were going into “big City” on Saturday) the weekend is suppose to have been my “day off”

I agree that before your dads surgery that there should have been a sit down with the family where everyone was told your dad would be out of commission for so many weeks. However people who have surgery don’t immediately heal from it. It takes time. I realize that you may not have put two and two together and that’s ok. But for now you know.

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With all due respect I was responding to Published Author.

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while there’s only three people living in the house full time. Me, Mom and Dad. My sister was only here to be Dad’s driver to and from the hospital (both Mom and I can’t drive). But on the bright side, I could to have an extra meal from outside the house do to that operation.

I mean soda decable that @CJR is talking about is that I got pissed off with my Dad for his jumbo boxes of cereal blocking my pop shelf. And I didn’t want my parents’ help in getting my own pop. I want to get it myself.

And then there’s the cheese incident the other month my Mom started cutting up cheese for me and I had a fit because Mom was taking away one of the few things which made me grown up.

And in February it might have been March of 2019 I kind of threw a fit because Mom asked me to make fruit on Sunday afternoon and I had to be making fruit from Sunday nights-Thursday nights (Friday nights as well if Mom and I had Saturday plans) and Saturday/Sunday afternoons are when I’m was suppose to have a “day off” from fruit making. Especially when I had to make fruit again that night.

I’m not sure if the 2nd “salad” story is on here or not but it’s Dad demanding me to help with supper (ie make a salad) and not even asking me on the first Monday I had off from bowling.

and I had a pretty terrible week leading up to Dad’s operation. I mean normally I get plenty of quiet time in our house library (Dad and his side of the family build it before I was born) but Dad kept coming up every two hours in the week before his appointment and the worst day was the night before his appointment when I had to have my sister added to the mix. Since after supper both of them had to be up here and even later then that Mom thought I would be able to have peace and quiet around 11:00/midnight. But instead my bacon sister decided to come into the bacon library and talk on her blasted phone with someone she had a date with sometime recently (not her boyfriend) so I ended up going to bed around 11:45pm when I should have been able to have peace and quiet up there. And I got up (I read for a bit) and sis wasn’t done talking until 12:45am. And she had to be getting up at 5:30am to drive Dad to hospital

I mean I got pissed off at first with Dad coming up making racket in the background but I could barley manage. But then having Dad and sis talk in the background Monday of last week didn’t help any it basically was the last straw for me. and I had a fit twice that day (I think part of the problem is Mom was “So sure, that Dad wouldn’t be in the library after supper” (but he still was) and then she thought "I would be able to have peace and quiet 11pm-midnight. But that didn’t happen EITHER.

Complaining over and over and over and over about a computer of several thousand dollars, something a lot of people can never afford, actually says you are a brat.
Being able to have a stinky day during the week is also not for everyone.

I understand your life isn’t especially easy, but yeah, you act like a brat.


Ok in the case about the fucking computer that’s because it was talking forever to get the blasted funding for it. And my parents didn’t want to use Our money until we heard back from the people in charge of the funding and we couldn’t do that until the end of October. and we had send in the stuff like in early May but the funding folks didn’t hear about it until June 30th. So it meant another stinkin’ summer (3rd I think) in a row of my old computer acting up when I tried to play games on it.

I had a new computer since October 28th but I couldn’t actually start using it until Nov 2nd since it needed to be set up.

It’s just like I already explained to CJR that unless I make plans in my head. If someone tells me about OTHER plans (like needing to help Dad with grocery shopping) it’s like the car in my brain has run out of gas or has engine fail probably.

Do you even see what I write?
A lot of people have to do forever with crappy old computers, and that’s if they can even afford one. Still you decide to defend yourself because it has been 3 summers with your old one.

A brat cannot accept not getting/happening what he/she wants.
You are exactly the same. Maybe there is a different cause for you, the outcome is the same. You act bratty.


you would get pissed off if your old computer froze up on you anytime you tried to play something like Sims 4 or other games on it when it’s 30+ C out. And you’re trying to write a bloody SimLit.

Oh and I already mentioned that Dad and I are going shopping TOMORROW so I can sleep in on Friday. I think the only person wo understands me on this thread is @PublishedAuthor At least she’s more sympathic then the rest of you lot

Sims 4? You need money to buy that right?
If I play sims, it’s 1, because that’s what I have.
Also: solitaire is a nice game.

You’re only improving your brattyness.


and sims 1 can’t be played on by Windows 8 and up. I need Sims FOUR for my SIMLIT. how about you take your own bratty attudie out of my thread? @moderators

You really don’t get it, do you?
You are complaining about luxury not coming to you fast enough. The sims 4, though I’d love to try, I never bought because it’s too expensive. You have it, and are complaining about having to wait before your very expensive free computer arrives. If I want a new computer like that, I have to work for it, so it will take me some time to be able to afford it as well. But I’ll be paying for it myself, you get it for free!

You are complaining about having to do something in the household.
Obviously, your dad could have told you about it sooner. But hey, just a thought, maybe next time give a **** when someone in your family is getting surgery, and ask what’s going to happen with him before the surgery is done.


when I said my computer acted up it meant it acted up BADLY. Like basically the only way I could even SHUT IT OFF was by using the POWER SWITCH. Because any other MODE of doing that was literally like (Frozen Character) or Winter was in my computer! So even playing Sims 1 would have been out of the question! Like the hot keys (Crtl+Alt+Delete) and the mouse didn’t work and I went through two computer mouses with the same problem of them NOT WORKING. And I spend all summer of 2020 trying to figure out what’s the problem and I came up with zip. And I still had the same issue.

Like I couldn’t even read NAR with my computer acting up like it did. Like I only had like one tab open to read NAR and my computer locked up on me and I could only turn it off with the POWER SWITCH.

Like in March 2020 the Thursday before the lockdown happen I had been told two weeks in advanced I would have to be Dad’s “Fake driver” (not that the hospital folks would know that) on one Thursday (March 12th). And it’s a good thing I was told two weeks in advanced because I had to change the plans I had for that particular Thursday (March 12) and I was suppose to do the original plan at the end of the month instead (teaching ASL at the program). But Dad got sick two days before the appointment so I ended up staying home on what was suppose to be appointment day/my original teaching day at program.

Thank you I try to be understanding. For the record I’m a woman.

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well it’s hard to tell online. That’s why I sometimes use “they” if I don’t know

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Wait, how much does the base game cost where you are? It’s $5 here. $15 if you get one EP with it.

base game is like $40 and EPs can be other $50. I haven’t gotten a pack since Island Living due to my computer issues. and someone has Eco Life style and Discover Univeristy as well as the Eps I have so with only those EPs it would cost (according to the OP of the site I found)is US$359,91 (more now I would think with Snowy Escape and Cottage Living)

and that’s not including stuff packs and Game packs

Every time I’ve seen the base game, for around a year, it’s “on sale” for $5.

Though yeah, the packs are ridiculously expensive.