Clients From Hell Crossposting

Obviously Clients From Hell has been cross posted for a little while now, but I was wondering how it worked.
Is it submitted still on their own site and posted on both sites? Has it fully moved over to NAR?
Should it have its own Category tag like NAR/NAW? Or will it stay as a small tagged story mixed into the regular stories like Reddit ones?

I don’t really read Clients from Hell very often previously, and sometimes the mixing of CFH and NAR feels kinda weird/different, so I was just kinda curious about the semantics of it.

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Thanks for asking! I’ll try to get through all your questions.

The Clients From Hell (CFH) main site has technically been closed, although the old stories are still free to peruse and the ‘submit story’ button still works. However, the majority of CFH activity is now on NAR, and we have noticed an uptick in CFH-type stories in the NAR story submission forms as a result.

We publish all new CFH stories that pass our editorial standards and also review the older CFH stories that we feel are more suited to the NAR audience; the site has been active since 2009 so there are a lot of old classics that are worthy of a revisit!

CFH will remain as a tag for now, as a CFH story could easily exist within several of our current categories, although they have been mostly NAR, NAW, and NAL for now.

We understand that many “CFH-style” stories feel different from the standard NAR story and we’ve taken note of the feedback, so hopefully, there will be fewer feelings of “weirdness” going forward.

Let me know if this answers your questions!


I’d raised this point back in November on another topic:

I used to have CFH on my RSS feed, had it for years. But once the stories started showing up both here and on CFH I deleted the CFH feed from my Feedly. That’s how I missed the announcement that CFH was basically closing and moving to NAR.

I feel it’s a very practical solution.


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