CJR Cooks... Suggestion Thread

Hi all,

In the vein of the various walking threads I have seen, I am considering doing a cooking walkthrough of various dishes. Is this something people would be interested in seeing and is there anything people would like to see made?

I know that there have been a number of dishes that I have been a little worried about making but then saw how easy they could be. It was just the recipe being intimidating and a little fear of cocking things up.

If you’re interested please let me know and I’ll make a start. :man_cook:

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Yes, yes, yes

@Sillsallad Anything in particular that you would like me to try and make?

FYI for all: Although I am not vegan I am happy to cook anything. I have no dietary restrictions or the like.

A “vacancy” in my meal schedule has opened up for Tuesday evening. I come home from work, get changed, then go out for a run. When I get back, I’m tired and want a shower and then eat.

I’m looking for a meal for one with MINIMAL preparation that I can sort out in the time it takes for my oven to warm up (which isn’t very efficient so about 5 minutes). I can then have a shower whilst it is cooking, and sort out veg when I’m done.

I have a lot of chicken the rest of the week, and cook myself a beef stir fry on Friday, so something a bit different would be wonderful, if you know anything or fancy a challenge?

No allergies, but can’t stand cucumbers or raw tomatoes. Not a big fan of cooked tomatoes either, but don’t mind them in a sauce, provided they aren’t recognisable as tomatoes lol!

If you have anything that could help, that would be AMAZING!!!

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@Stephen Leave it with me!

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@CJR no special wishes here. I love cooking myself and I just enjoy seeing what other people whip up, for inspiration. Quick and easy everyday, elaborate dishes, vegetarian, with meat. I’m happy to read all of it :slight_smile:

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@Stephen Do you have anything against fish?

Nope, fish is fine!

@Stephen Your minimal prep dish is currently in the oven.

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Can’t wait!

You get Sausage and Bean Casserole. It tasted pretty good, you can pie it off with mashed potatoes (use instant for a timesaver) and the vast majority of prep can be done within 5 minutes, racing the pre-heating of your oven Vs the boiling of your kettle.

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Sounds good!

My boat is overflooding with ginger!

Ordered groceries online, the minimum order of ginger turned out to be…a lot.
Got some good ginger recipes up your sleeve? All I can think of at the moment is curry…and ginger and lemon tea, of course.

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Gingerbread? Ginger & spring onion stir-fry? Jamaican ginger cake? Ginger beer?

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I’ll see what ginger based recipes I can think of! Ever make ginger beer?

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Never made it myself, tried it once. Was okay I guess :slight_smile:

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How much ginger by weight are you looking to get rid of and will you be sailing anytime soon?

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It’s around 400g (Kiwi for scale)

I’ve got a gas stove and oven to work with. Not planning my to sial next week (horrible weather incoming) but that wouldn’t matter, I can still cook underway

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Not enough for ginger beer then.

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