CJR Cooks... Lazy Man's Casserole

@Stephen Sorry for the delay.

Basic forumula: One tin of beans (any variety, butter beans used for illustrative purposes), top bowl up with protein and a sprinkling of veg for colour and pretending this is a healthy dish. Add liquid, shove in the preheated oven for 30 minutes.

Preheat oven. If using stock, boil kettle. As kettle is boiling, empty tin of beans into oven safe dish.

Cut up protein (in this case frankfurters. Pre-cooked but not essential. Bratwurst would probably taste pretty decent!) and add to dish.

Add sprinkling of frozen veg for colour and extra five-a-day bragging rights.

At this point the kettle should have boiled so make up stock and pour to cover. If using stock cubes, gravy granules and/or tomato puree can be added for extra flavour but not essential.

Put in the oven for 30 minutes. In this time, go do what you need to do then come back and eat.

To make into a cottage-style pie, top with mashed potato. Instant works great for those nights when you’re not cooking.

Other liquid ideas involve pasatta, chopped tomatoes, different flavours of stock cubes, instant sauces, jars of pasta or chicken bake sauces…


Thanks for the suggestion!

If I’m cooking the casserole with raw sausages rather than frankfurters, how much longer should I cook them for?

30 minutes should work great for raw sausages, chops, chicken, etc. I prefer to seal them first in a frying pan for extra flavour from the caramelisation but that’s an extra step that usually takes 5 minutes in its own right.