CJR Cooks... Lasagne!

Tonight I am making a beef and vegetable lasagne. First step is to measure your meat and veg into the vessel you’ll be using for the dish. This is a small dish, for one. I am using frozen beef mince and frozen casserole veg for this dish. Screw all the chopping tonight!

Brown your mince and veg in a small saucepan. I am frying in olive oil and have added some wholegrain mustard and tomato puree. Once everything is suitably browned and defrosted add passata to cover and stir. I used roughly 250g for this dish. You will now have a ragu.

Spread a layer of ragu over the bottom of the lasagne dish.

Then top with dried lasagne sheets. Very inconveniently, these sheets come in a large rectangle and not the small oval that I require. Apologies for the modern art!

You will then need to top this with a bechemel sauce. Apologies for the lack of pictures but you need to work fast! I took a tablespoon of plain flour and a tablespoon of olive oil and made a roux, stirring them together quickly in a hot frying pan. I then added milk and stirred to make the white sauce (the bechemel). From here I could have added cheese (for mornay sauce) or white wine (white wine sauce) but I wasn’t planning to faff around too much tonight! I then topped the lasagne shards with my bechemel and then added a layer of ragu. This was then topped with a second layer of dried lasagne sheet.

As this is the top layer, I topped it off with another layer of bechemel. Cheese will go on top!

My cheese layer! A layer of sliced mousetrap (mature cheddar) and a generous grating of Grana Padano through a microplane grater.

Into the oven for 35 minutes. Only one thing left to do… Gin and tonic!

The finished product! Time to grab a spoon and dig in.