Church Volunteer accidently took my new backpack to donate

Sometime before 2018. I was helping at church on Wednesday morning and then I have to walk across town to go to the gym. So I would have my bookbag with my lunch bag, my water bottle, a bag with indoor socks and shoes inside it. This new bookbag was very new just recently got it. Also it was hanging up on a hanger. I think it was either a warm spring or fall day so I didn’t have a coat with me but the backpack was with a hat. I finish my job at the church and I went to get my lunch and the backpack was gone from the hanger. I remember starting to panic and having to ask the then-office admin to call (Volunteer) to return it. And then because she had to leave, she had to ask the then-Minster to call (Volunteer) to see if they could get in touch.

I did get my backpack minutes after (volunteer) returned it with everything still inside. But I don’t have a clue how “hanging up” on a hanger backpack=“take it to donate” ? Espically when it was on the same hanger my hat was on I believe and my hat wasn’t taken?

“Oh, that’s a nice bag. I’ll ‘accidentally’ donate it so I can buy it for myself.”

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There’s actually a story on here about that - except that was a hand-knitted (crocheted?) afghan. :slight_smile:


Nope it just that despite the fact it was on a hanger (with my Tiley hat I believe) that the person thought it was a donation for (other church stuff). It might have happened in the fall but I can’t remember

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I don’t think we can reliably deduce a reason now that you weren’t given at the time. But there are some possibilities.

If the Volunteer expected that some donation would be there to take, and it wasn’t, then they might assume that your stuff was the donation. Especially so if they thought that you would bring a donation.

If your bag fell off the hook, or if it was knocked off, then it would be lying on the floor, and would be less obviously “someone’s personal property”.

Or maybe the Volunteer just isn’t very smart.

If I remember correctly, I think it was a woman volunteer whom I grew up knowing. But it was a couple pre-Covid and as I said the bag was very new so that the woman hadn’t seen the bag before. But you would have thought the fact it was heavy meant it wasn’t a donation? When I think I had a lunchbag in it with lunch, a water bottle with water and gym clothes and shoes in the bookbag

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