Chain Reaction

Oh oh oh oh oh oh ohoh the Grand Egyptian Museum. It’s not even open yet (thanks a lot global pandemmy) but it’s designed to match the pyramids behind it (it’s truly an architectural marvel) and is the first time Tut’s entire collection will be displayed. I want to go SO BADLY.

What’s the most unique museum you’ve ever visited?

Toss up between the weirdest modern art museum my boyfriend and I wandered into (it was free), a museum where they had all kinds of really old toys, or Campus Martinus in Marietta Ohio. The first two were in Omaha Nebraska.

What’s the weirdest thing you have found in any paperwork you have completed?

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A contract that literally required “a sacrifice of your first born” someone had put it in as a placeholder joke and it got forgotten about and missed. Though that was corrected before it was signed do does that count as paperwork I “completed”?

What is the hardest you have ever worked and what was it for?


Probably my dissertation. Or running my Mum’s jewellery stall at comic-cons. If you get a mad rush, it’s horrible, especially for someone like me who can’t cope with loads of people at once.

What time is it?

1:33 PM Easter Standard Time

What was for your last meal?

Bacon, fried egg and tomato sandwich.

I have to have something with fat and protein when I’m taking my MS medication, otherwise there are Consequences!

If you have a pet, do you ever make up silly little songs for them?