Chain Reaction

Lucy the Elephant. Someone actually lived in it at one point.

What’s the most overrated place you have ever been?

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Earth, I hear that it used to be lovely but the current residents have trashed the place.

If you could visit a fictional world from any form of media then what would it be and why?


Harry Potter. I just love the stories. Being able to do magic would be amazing.

If you could choose to have a world class meal cooked by a famous chef, who would it be and what would you order?

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Heston Blumenthal - I would love to visit his restaurant in Oxford and I would order his seasonal taster menu.

if you could change one thing about your neighbourhood what would be it and why?

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Hopefully this doesnt sound rude but mainly the average age. My neighborhood was originally built in the late 60s early 70s, then a wave of remodels/rebuilds in the 90s so most people in the neighborhood are either in their late 80s or late 50s and while I like most of my neighbors it would be nice to have atleast a couple in me and my wifes age range.

What is a weird/unique feature you would want in your dream home?

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Self-sufficiency and survival measures, such as a fallout shelter and solar panel farm. Also make virtually all of it underground.

Would you like to party in my underground house?


Yes and I would like to live in the bunker next door lol

How many people are at the ideal sized party?


Six, with space for nine. Similar interests please, 18+, no partners.

You are surviving off-grid after a SHTF scenario. What single talent could you offer a potential community?

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Im a pretty good welder and machinist so if you get me power I can make most things,

I have done some hand wood working and have a mechanical engineering degree so if you dont get me power I can still make alot of things

You know that the apocalypse is coming in exactly one year from today and after you will be in a relatively safe but off the grid scenario. What skill are you working on between now and then?

Definitely basic medical research. Though I guess it depends if anyone is with me because my partner works in medicine. If he comes too then ways to cultivate food/hunt. It’s a seriously underrated thing that actually requires a lot of knowledge, both to farm and to hunt/clean animals.

What type of apocalyptic scenario or story do you think you’d kick butt in, and why?

Zombie apocalypse. After all, teamwork gets you brains!

How many days do you think that you could survive without becoming infected in a zombie apocalypse scenario?

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Probably a few hours since I work in a hospital. That’s most likely the first place where mass contamination will start to spread

Would you rather be a zombie apocalypse survivor or a zombie apocalypse zombie?

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I think it depends on the zombie. I’m downtown in a major city so I’m pretty screwed (and my partner also works in a hospital). But, if they’re like, slow and loud zombies I think I could be a survivor. If they’re fast, KTHNXBAI.

Which zombie apocalypse book/movie/show is your favorite, and why? (any consumable medium)

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I’m not really a fan of zombie films, but I do absolutely love Shaun of the Dead.

What is your favourite “So Bad It’s Good” film?

Got to be Gonks Go Beat!

Will you be watching the FIFA World Cup and, if so, which country will you be supoorting?

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No, I won’t be watching or supporting.

There’s a big wet and windy (but not dangerous) storm outside. What do you do whilst waiting it out?

Knit probably. Sometimes I am an old grandma type person. Or play video games.


Would you like to ask a question?

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Yes. I am sick and hyped on a few meds so I forgot.

Amusement park or water park?

I love Amusement Parks and Water Packs but the latter wins it for me by a narrow margin by scarcity value. We don’t really have the climate in the UK so I haven’t visited many!

If you could visit any museum and/or historical institution in the world tomorrow which would it be and why?

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