Chain Reaction

Probably sudoku, but I don’t tend to do puzzles as much as I used to, unless they’re on my tablet.

When was the last time you went swimming?

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… Dang I think it was literally over a year ago. I will go to the pool and stick my legs in, but I don’t usually do a lot of swimming, and I burn as easily as white bread in a toaster so.

What is your favorite niche series of books/TV/movies and why? (something that only like, 12 people have heard of)

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I love the Eighth Doctor audio adventures from Big Finish. It’s not quite as niche as you’d like, but i don’t know many people who have listened to them. Paul McGann is an excellent Doctor; it’s such a shame that he has only had a little over an hour on the TV in the role.

What film that has yet to be released (even if it is stuck in Development Hell) are you most excited about?


The second half of Dune.

If you could only read one genre of books for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Not sure what you would call it, I guess “Hard Sci-Fi”. Basically the kind of sci-fi where there are some established rules and they stick to them. Things like Dune, Hyperion Cantos, stuff like that.

If you could magically, instantly learn an instrument, what instrument would you want it to be?


Me too! Lucie Miller has got to be one of the best companions in the whole canon.

As to the instrument, probably piano or saxophone.

What is your earliest childhood memory?


Standing in my grandparent’s first house (the house both my mother and her mother grew up in) with a cousin and looking into Little Grandma’s room (my great grandma through my mother).

Have you ever made homemade sausage?

Yes I hunt and process my own venison every season for the year.

What is a food that you think more people should try?

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Swan. Uppity buggers, thinking that they’re better than us…

What is your tip for the world to reduce one’s environmental impact?

Self reliance. The vast majority of polution comes from mass production/ large companies. The biggest impact an individual can have is to lower the need for links in the chain. The closer you are to raw materials and the more steps in the production of something you personally do the fewer are done in the large mass production environments.

For those with long term partners what was it that convinced you it was a relationship you wanted to commit to for the long term?

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We were already friends when we got together, but the moment I realised this was going to be a long-term thing was when I came round from having some teeth out, and the first thing I did was to ask where he was.

We’ve been together 13 years now, and celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in July.

Do you still have a childhood teddy?

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Yes. It is a very well loved Minne Mouse. My brother had Mickey and now his daughter has it (and is very careful with “daddy’s Mickey.” She informed me that it was “daddy’s Mickey” and then took it off me when I was holding Mickey (and marveling that it was still in decent shape).

What’s your favorite fall memory? (It’s fall where I live)

I don’t have the greatest memory, but I always loved living in the Kettle Moraine area of Wisconsin (feel free to google). It’s called “Kettle” because the area dips and rises like a bunch of kettle bowls, so it’s a GORGEOUS place to drive in the fall. Plus, Wisconsin is just so pretty when it’s not trying to freeze you to death.

What’s one unusual place you’d like to visit that very few people do? (i.e. I would love to go to Antarctica.)

Not that unusual but I’d like to go to Iceland and see the Northern Lights.

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

I can remember my sister being brought home from the hospital after she was born. I’d have been about 2 and a half at that point. I was very excited to meet her and to see my parents because my aunt and gran had been babysitting me.

What’s your happy place?


Walking along the towpath of a canal.

What are you saving up money to buy that you are really looking forward to buying?

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A new kitchen, including a dish washer.

How old were you when you broke your heart for the first time, and what happened?

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I was 17. He got his sister to ring and leave a voicemail on my phone, then got her to ring the landline to tell me to check my voicemail. Git.

21 years later, it still rankles.

Do you keep up to date with politics?

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I try to. Unfortunately more and more media sources are becoming paywalled and/or subscription.

Would you eat guinea pig?

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Only if I didn’t know it was, and nobody ever told me. Same with rabbit.

Do you like owls?

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