Chain Reaction

Referring to the cat as a pillow if she’s on the bed or various food dishes if she’s being annoying. (She is very well loved and the food jokes are purely jokes. Pillow? Soooo soft!)

What book do you own and want to read, but never have the time to do so?

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The sagas of the icelanders Ive read the opening about a dozen times but its pretty dense so I only get so far in a sitting and then kind of stall out. I need a day where I can just power through the intro and get into the meat of it in one sitting.

What is a piece of media that is generally regarded as bad by people at large but you personally enjoy?

My guilty pleasures, media-wise, are things like cheesy pop.

What is your usual weekend routine?

Parenting, interspersed with groceries and other acquisitions.

What exotic animal would you like to hug?

Putting aside any ethical concerns around animal tourism, Ive always been interested in Orangutans and think it would be interesting to interact with one.

If you could magically be transported anywhere in the world for an hour to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea on a lazy Sunday morning where would you want that to be?

Anywhere where I can sit and watch the water. It got cold here.

Would you want to be an astronaut?

I think it would be an amazing experience but I’m definitely not fit enough. Maybe in a few years when the technology advances a bit and it’s cool to think we might land a person on Mars in my life but I wouldn’t want to be that person.

What did you want to be when you grew up and are you doing that now or working towards it?

A horse rider, but I was told I was too tall. A vet, until I realised I wouldn’t cope seeing all the hurt animals. A pharmacist, but I flunked my chemistry A-Levels. A video game programmer, but I don’t have the patience for programming.

Currently my goal is translator (Japanese to English). While I am working at it, that’s not happening any time soon.

What was your first favourite song?

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We had a tape of Womble songs , and i particularly liked this one. My sis and i would start by walking around the room, gradually speeding up to a fast run. I could never understand what was being said at the end; i think we came up with some Monde Green words for it; can’t remember what we used.

It was only a few years ago that i learned that the words were “get that orchestra off my mountain”

What tv programmes did you watch as a child that you still have fond memories of, and have bought a copy of since you became an adult?

Star Trek: TNG, Pokemon Indigo League, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Doctor Who, Cadfael.

Most of the stuff I loved when I was younger hasn’t been released on DVD, though. I’ve found a few on YouTube (Gladiators, for example), but some have been lost to the mists of time (No Sweat, I’m looking at you!)

Do you subscribe to any magazines?

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Just one: Private Eye. I love the mix of biting satire and even bitier investigative journalism.

What piece of music makes you want to play an air-something along with it (eg air guitar, air violin, air laser harp, etc)?

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I’ve just got a subscription to that, starting next issue!

For me, it would have to be Doomsday by Murray Gold. As a former cellist, I find myself doing air-cello to the bit in the middle.

Who was your first celebrity crush, and how old were you at the time?

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Nicole Kidman; I’d have been in my late teens by then.

Incidentally, i wasn’t kidding about playing Air Laser Harp… this track does it for me:

What was the last thing that made you literally laugh out loud?

Void. He tried jumping on to my husband’s lap and missed, sticking his claws in my husband’s leg.

I’m a bad wife. I giggled as my husband yelped and Void styled it out.

I’m giggling again as I type this.

What was the last thing that made you angry?


I can’t remember the exact specifics (far too many), but it was definitely something our government did.

What word or phrase really annoys you?

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I am not easily annoyed (except by stupid drivers and sometimes my parents) so I can’t think of a good one.

What’s your most useful talent at the moment?

My ability to filter out people being silly when I need to buckle down and do hard physics problems

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever tasted?

Thyme-flavour chocolate. My Grandad always used to get a tasting box of chocolates every month, and grandkids were allowed to raid a few from each box. One month, I picked one that smelt gorgeous, but on biting into it, it was revolting.

Thyme with chicken, fine. Thyme in chocolate? No stars. The weird bit was that the other thyme one was still there when I next visited Grandad - about a month later - and insane me tried it again. The month sitting around had improved its’ flavour a lot.

How much sleep do you get on average?

It varies a lot. If I got the day off, or if im working in the afternoon, it’s usually 8-9 hours

If I work in the morning it’s unfortunately more likely to be 4-5 hours

If you could be an animal for a week, which would it be an why?

A cat mostly so I could sleep in weird places and get pets when I wanted them.

What is your favorite paper puzzle game (sudoku, word searches, etc)?

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