Chain Reaction

Not really. However, I was a shy kid (and am still a very shy adult). I tended to hang with the adults because other kids made me anxious (yay for undiagnosed anxiety!).

What is the craziest/weirdest thing you have done as a child?

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I don’t remember this, but Mum told me that when I was about 18 months old, they took me to the garden centre. I stayed in the car while my parents nipped in.

When they came out, they couldn’t find me in the car. A hunt ensued, which ended when they found me - sitting happily in the middle of the A19! Thankfully, this was 1985, so there weren’t anywhere near as many cars as there are these days.

Mum reckons I got bored, so decided to try and find them.

What’s the most dangerous situation you’ve ever been in?

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I would have to say the most dangerous situation I wa in was back in 1998 when I had a very low (30k) platelet count and had no idea. I was working and I was also doing karate. I really could have bled to death had I fallen or cut myself.

If you could write a book, what genre would you write?

Murder Mystery! A really good twisty one

If you could change one thing about your physical appearance what would it be?

My face.

What is your biggest pet peeves?

You mean apart from smoking and prejudice?

Speakerphones. There’s no need to let everyone around you hear the full conversation. If someone tried to chip in, the speakerphone user insists that the person “is being rude and it’s none of their business”.

Disclaimer - I have not personally done this, but I have witnessed it. I have also witnessed the speakerphone moron threaten the interjector with physical violence.

No, Karen, you’re the one being rude by making it impossible to ignore your conversation. Take the speakerphone off or, better yet, find a private corner somewhere.

What’s your favourite veiled insult?

Im from the southern US so I have to go with the classic “bless your heart”

What was the last physical, non-food, thing that you made?

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A sewing needle!

A colleague was knitting and needed a needle to finish things up. She’d forgotten to bring one so I made one for her out of a paper clip :rofl:

What is your favorite memory?

Going into the “woods” (it was tiny) with my grandpap, cousins, and brother and playing on the old wooden pews and pulpit. We would take those bear shaped jars, fill them with a drink, and shove a straw in our pocket and then go down there.

Have you ever had something happen to you that has no logical explanation?

For a few week I set the alarms in every store I went into until one day it just stopped. I’ve no idea how it happened but one shop wouldn’t let me: I gave them my bag, took my coat and jumper off and I STILL set them off. I checked every item of clothes to see if a store tag had somehow got stuck to them and nope!

What was your proudest moment?

I’d say when my first book was published.

What is your favorite beverage, alcoholic or otherwise?

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Carbonated drinks, be it energy drinks, soda pops or water-soluble fruit syrups.

Do you have any phobias (that you are willing to share)?

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I don’t know if it counts as a phobia but I do have a bad case of Existential Dread.

What are your favourite and most hated words?

I love the word verdant. As for most hated I don’t know that I have a most hated one.

What’s the temperature where you are right now?

My computer says 66 degrees F which agrees with the weather app. However, I’m cold so I’m sitting on a heater.

Any currently useless skills that would be useful in an apocalypse?

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Knowing how many packs of cards I have and where they are (including two at work should we have to shelter and distract ourselves there).

What is your favourite card game?

Cards Against Humanity.

What are the best and worst parts about remote working?

Best part: efficiency. I often have cases in my job where I have say 10 minutes between two meetings which isnt enough time to really do alot of work. So while I was downtown it was just wasted time. While Im home I can use those 10 minutes to start the dishwasher or take out the trash and thus have fewer chores to do on nights/weekends.

Worst part: time zones. This has mostly gotten better but when WFH first started my company got the idea that since everyone was remote teams could be made up of people from any office. Resulting in one project where I had members in Poland, London, NYC, Dallas, and Seattle plus a testing team in India. And as manager I was in charge of coordinating all of them. I didnt get much sleep that month.

What is your least favorite word?

I don’t think I have one. My mother likes to tell me “moist” just to make me roll my eyes. It has also involved the phrase “moist boogie men” due to the fact that 1) I live in a swampland area and 2) I have to keep my closet doors shut in order to sleep (or there will be a boogie man). *eye roll

What’s your favorite word?

Polite - probably “kitteny-catteny”. Means kitten.

Rude - smeg!

Do you have words or phrases that you only use with people you know well?