Chain Reaction

That China was on the moon

There are many mysteries in the world that have lasted a millennia or more; if you could learn the truth of one, which would it be?

Easter Island

If you could go to the moon, would you?

I’d try jumping to see how far / high I could go. But I’d probably be a bit scared, seeing home so, so far away and how awful it would be if something happened that made me unable to return.

Edit: oops, I misread the question, my post-work brain is messing with me. I read “what would you do?” Not “would you?” :smile: I’m conflicted. A part of me finds it fascinating, another daunting and scary. I’d probably chicken out

How is a everday life day for you?

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Monday through Friday is currently insane. This weekend was insane since I worked my side job (and they’re slammed as well). I work as an SLP and I’m working two buildings. One building was due to have 7 admits this weekend (my poor brain). My partner in crime for today and I had 11 people each to see (if we actually saw them all).

Timeline (or how it should go)
5 AM: wake up
6 AM: brief exercise
6:40 AM: leave for building one
12 PM: lunch (hopefully)
12:30 PM: leave for building two
1 PM: start at building two
5 PM: go home
5:30 PM: shower
6:30 PM: make dinner (if I haven’t already done so)
10 PM: sleep (hopefully)

Who kills the bugs in your residence?

We tend to be a catch and release household but my dog will chow down on spiders if he spots them.

If you could commission a film / TV show of any novel and remove an existing adaption what would they be?

Pride and Prejudice. I would remove the BBC adaptation and replace it with an anime version also featuring a resistance movement against main battletank driving Romans.

What exotic animal would you have for a pet?

If I could choose any exotic animal (not ones that would actually be practical as pets), a snapping turtle.

How did you find Not Always Right (the main site, not the forum)?

A story popped up on Facebook, and I was intrigued. Twenty stories later…

Are you allergic to anything?

A lot of things. Some of them I say is due to what the United States has done to its food. The other is a very unusual allergy. I’m allergic to nightshades. Upside: I can never smoke. Downside: I make a terrible Italian because I can’t have tomatoes.

What’s the strangest but true excuse you have ever been given/heard?

I can’t think of one I’ve been GIVEN, but in 7th grade I had to tell my teacher my cat ate my science project.
In his defense, my bean plants were delicious. I assume. Because he ate them before they grew big enough.

If you could pick any place in the world to put your dream home of any design, where would it be and why?

North Wales. Beautiful area, and it’s where I met my husband. A friend moved there a fair few years back to “get away from people”!

The home itself would have a big garden (feline exploration), high walls round the garden (privacy), a fully kitted out garage (husband’s been after one for ages), a library, a cinema room, a study, big bedrooms, a huge room just for the cats, maybe a pool… I’m sure there’s other bits I’d want in there, but my brain’s wanting to switch off.

What’s for tea (dinner)?

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I had a ham and mushroom pizza, but swapped the tomato sauce for garlic and the mushrooms for bacon.

What was the last thing you bought yourself as a treat?

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Burger King for both me and husband yesterday - double Whopper with cheese meal with a Capri-Sun for me, plant-based Whopper meal with Fanta for him. It was his birthday on Saturday, so it was a delayed treat. The kittens weren’t interested.

Is there anything you’ve been waiting over a year for?

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Yes! I pre-ordered an omnibus collecting the TMNT and Batman cross-overs last year and the publication date keeps getting delayed. March 23 is the current estimate.

Is there a particular meal or treat that doesn’t agree with you but which you are prepared to suffer the consequences for? If so, what is it?

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Chinese takeout :smile:

Do you have goals in life, if yes, what are they?


Parent - Done. Homeowner - Done. Learn to cook - Done. Supreme Ruler of Earth - Working on it…

In all seriousness I would like to create a decent piece of visual art. Not for sale or glory, but because I want to.

What can you cook from scratch without needing the recipe to hand?


Venison with blackberry/wine sauce served with mushroom risotto.

Whats the weirdest/ most random trivia fact you know and why do you know it?

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I have many weird and wonderful facts stored in my quizzer’s brain.

Two favourites are - toilets flush in the key of E flat, and the birthrate of the Vatican City is 0.001%.

The first one, I can’t for the life of me remember where I heard it. Second one comes from the CIA Factbook, via my sociologist husband.

He says "I have another pointless fact. House numbers in the UK count down towards the centre of the area. They’ll always go towards the main road. I know this from observation, and conversations with postpeople - my mum is a former sub-postmistress.

This means, if you’re ever lost in the UK, just follow the numbers down and you’ll find your way back to the centre of the area."

This question comes from my husband.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been sacked/fired/dismissed for?


Following instructions and finishing on budget. That’s a wee bit of a biased account: Very early in my current career I completed over budget on a couple of projects and got a slap on the wrist for not asking for help or alerting anybody (the fact that I actually had notified somebody several times was seemingly irrelevant because they didn’t then pass the message on) and so was placed on “measures” so I had to account for every half hour of my day. Much to my embarrassment, obviously.

Anyway, on the next couple of projects I diligently reported my progress and sought help regularly to clarify each step of the process and in both instances finished exactly on budget. Which I personally thought was a good thing. However I was let go (I was a contractor so technically my contract was just not renewed rather than it being a proper firing) because I had needed too much help and they had expected early completion rather than finishing exactly on budget.

Was there an event in your younger days when you felt completely blameless or even victimised at the time but looking back on it now you recognise that you were in fact at least partly to blame?

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Believe it or not the house numbers on my street don’t count down towards the main road. The numbering is frankly bizzare - say I was no.4, the house directly opposite would be no.13. it always catches out new mail carriers in the area.