Chain Reaction

I got a cheap ratchet screwdriver set one year. What made it bad was that it was identical to the set the same person gave me the previous year (which broke the first time i used it) and this “new” one was rusty!

What present do you frequently ask for but never get?


Nothing! Please don’t shop for me!

What piece of technology in your life (day-to-day or otherwise) do you use/tolerate only out of absolute necessity? Something you’d immediately discard and forget about if only you could.


My CPAP machine. Going to bed looking like Darth Vadar is annoying, but as long as i have sleep apnoea, i have to put up with it.

Where’s your favourite place to go for peace and quiet (that isn’t in your house)?

Church, especially outside of service.

Do you listen to audiobooks?

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I used to when I did a lot of driving for work - James Marsters narration of the Dresden Files was superb but not so much these days. I keep meaning to listen to the sandman audiobook and the new Terry Pratchett audiobooks have a great cast but somehow I can make time for reading to books but not listening to them.

If you could bring any author back to life to write just one more novel who would it be and what would you like it to be about?


Oh god you’re my partner. He just buys anything he wants so holiday shopping is the WORST for him.

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YES I LOVE DRESDEN FILES. You HAVE to try the audiobook for World War Z. Next level quality IMO.

I would ask Shakespeare to come into this modern world and once more write an INSANE but accurate story, because dang he was good at social comedy. 2022 Shakespeare would 100% be a late-night host.

If you could have any type of non-traditional superpower to make your daily life easier, what would it be? (I’m talking about unique powers or abilities)


The ability to stop time. That would be great!

Regarding Shakespeare… if he were alive today, who would he write for? Mitch Benn has some ideas…

Who is your favourite Shakespearian character?

OH here’s a fun one. Ophelia. It’s the first 100% I got on a monologue, where she loses her mind. I am apparently a good actress when being insane is involved.

It’s also where I realized it’s more fun to be crazy.


So have you a fun and crazy question for the next person? :wink:

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Oh speaking of - What “crazy” or otherwise negatively portrayed character “might have been right”?

I’m going to take Thanos off the table because #trauma

Is Ophelia an option lol?
Her father is murdered, her lover abandons her/seems to be crazy which ruined her life, there’s subtext to suggest she possibly may be pregnant, and how much her death was conscious suicide versus accident is up for debate

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Prussiluskan, the woman from the orphanage trying to catch Pippi Longstocking

Would you stay and fight for your country or flee and seek saftey and refuge in another nation?

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Flee for sure. I am fundamentally a coward which I have had to come to terms with.

If you could pick a character in fiction to become a real person, who would it be?

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Screw people, give me my real Eevee!

What superpower would you bequeath on your least favourite friend?


Honestly the ability to mind read without turning it off is so messed up it’s not even funny. Imagine constantly listening to everything people think around you. I am a mean judgey human in my mind and it never comes out of my mouth. Can you imagine what terrible things you’d hear? Also dealing with any neighbors? No thanks.

If you had to choose a unique but ultimately useless skill to have forever, what is it and why?

Levitation. Just a metre or so. Not flying, just hovering. I’m only 5 foot 3(ish), so it’d give me the chance to find out what it was like to be taller.

What time is it?

21:29. That question reminded me of the playground game “What’s the time Mr. Wolf.”

What playground game did you most enjoy playing as a child?

That wonderful game “Sit In The Corner And Read”! I didn’t really want to play much - I suspect it was the undiagnosed (at that point) autism.

What country are you from?

Unfortunately, the United States.

What is the weirdest thing you believed as a child?