Chain Reaction

Rules are simple:

A question is asked, and you answer it. You then ask a question for the next poster

This game was created by @Sillsallad and trialled on Let’s Get Silly.

First Question:

Do you still have any cuddly toys from when you were a child?


I have a teddybeer which was given by my grandparents my last birthday (9th) before my grandmother died in an accident. I even remember knitting a shirt for it with my grandmother.

Hoe many pairs of shoes do you own?


In active use I have two pairs of trainers, one pair of formal shoes, a pair of boots, a pair of workboots and some Triceratops slippers so 6.

If your lifestory had a tagline what would it be?


Utterly pun-ishing

Favourite season?


Fall/Autumn! All the leaves change, the weather gets cooler, you get apple cider and pumpkin pie, and my birthday is in October.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?


New Zealand

If you could eliminate any one plant or animal without causing an ecological disaster why would it be Herring Gulls? Just kidding, what animal or plant would it be and why?


Poison Ivy. I’m sure it serves some purpose but what it is is beyond me. It seems like it simply exists to make camping and gardening interesting

If you could have one day of your life to live again, what day would it be and would you do anything different knowing what you know?

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Birth day Tee Minus a week or so. Just for curiosity’s sake…although maybe I’d try kicking out an S.O.S. signal if I got bored.

What is your ideal way of prepping bacon for consumption (e.g. method of cooking, or even incorporating it into something else)? If you don’t do bacon or meat in general, please feel free to answer with some other heavily savory thing.


I’ll cyt it into lardons, dry fry it, then put it on kitchen towels to remove excess greas. I’ll then add it to a cheese and chopped veg mix which is put on a tortilla wrap in a frying pan, another laid on top, and dry cook that to get a lovely simple Quesadilla.

What food could you happily ban everyone from eating?


Liquorice, it’s the devil’s confection.

What is the perfect food or beverage for a hot summer day?


Italian ice is potentially both – first it’s one, then the other (if you wait).

Have you got a favorite webcomic? You can sub in dead tree or newspaper comic if nothing applies, or even a book if you like.

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I like the Strange Planet comics by Nathan W Pyle.

Do you have a favourite mug and, if so, what is it like?


It’s like this ^ :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you remove the teabag before or after adding milk?


Depends on my patience, I prefer to add the milk afterwards, but I don’t always do.

What is your relationship status?


What is your favourite way to eat potatoes?


How old were you when you first stayed up past midnight?

  1. I remember because I got a stuffed unicorn for my first New Year’s Eve staying up.

Have you ever been up for more than 24 hours?

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Yes, and then slept for as long as possible the next day, lol.

Favorite television show as a kid?

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SMTV Live. Classic Ant, Dec and Cat combined with my weekly fix of OG pokémon (we only had terrestrial TV).

How do you take your favourite hot drink?


Milk and two sugars (or sweeteners - either’s fine) please!

Jam on crumpets, yes or no?