Catch all term for Soft drinks?

Is there’s a catch-all term beside “soft drinks” I could use for Pop/Soda/Coke products? I was writing an idea for Paralives on Reddit about if there’s different “soft-drink” products and different tastes for paras and soft-drinks which could remsemble Dr. Pepper or mountain Dew could make some paras go “eww”

and since I didn’t know what term to use since some people call it pop, some call it Soda, and some have Coke as a “catch all” so instead I made some examples of like brand-name stuff and someone whom replied to my Reddit for some reason thought I wanted to have brand-name stuff in the game.

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“Fountain drinks” (for the ones in a cup), or “fizzy drinks”, maybe? “Carbonated beverages” is another term that is used, but that is kind of long.

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Here in India, we call them cold drinks, for obvious reasons (they’re stored in freezers and hence are cold as compared to fruit juices which are made then and there in restaurants/juice outlets and served with ice).

There will never be a catch-all word for them, as the words used locally have evolved to a level that anything else can’t replace them. Even ‘carbonated beverages’ don’t work because some of the products are also sold uncarbonated.


I call them fizzy drinks. There are, what, four types of non-alcoholic drink?

Fizzy drinks, juices, milkshakes, and hot drinks.

I don’t know what I’d class iced tea as though. Maybe a juice? Leaf juice?

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When i was a kid, we called it fizzy pop.

Tautology, i know…


I call them “Mixers”.


I see what you did there :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Good choice. “Mixers” :grin:


In Glasgow ‘ginger’ is sometimes used as a catch all for fizzy drinks (most of which are neither ginger in colour nor include it as an ingredient). I’ve seen ‘Pop’ used in some parts of the states when I’ve visited (Indiana mainly).

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There can be no substitute for Mt Dew or Dr Pepper. They are a flavor unto themselves and cannot be replicated. Colas can be, and some I even prefer over the “name brand”. But you just can’t match the first two I mentioned.
Big giant EWWWAH on those :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Soda/Pop/Soft Drinks are all catch-all terms for different flavored fizzy-waters. They’re different regional dialects, just use the one that you grew up with (as long as it’s not ‘pop’ because ‘pop’ is objectively wrong😁)

well I grew up with the term “pop” I never heard of any other terms till reading NAR

Soda and Pop are pretty well known in North America and I’m pretty sure that the US dominance in media means that they’ll be understood in most of the anglosphere. Just use whatever you’re comfortable with, using the wrong generic term for soft drinks is not something you need to worry about.

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