Cat names

We’re considering adopting a second cat to keep our Leo company, now that we have lost our sea legs and are stuck on the dry.

I’d appreciate some name ideas! Personally I like “normal” names, not longer than two syllables.

On our maybe list atm:

  • Finn
  • Sherlock
  • Simba
  • Apollo (Big maybe)

Cat tax:


Have you thought of naming the new arrival after a place that you both love? Our moggy is called Miyajima (although Miya or Mi-mi for short).


Me, I’m always a fan of meeting the cat first and seeing what they’re like. All of those names sound lovely, though!

I think I read somewhere that cats are better at distinguishing differences in vowel sounds than in consonants, so you probably don’t want to go e.g. with Cleo or anything else that sounds too much like Leo.

There are always nicknames, too. Our Colby is sometimes Cheese Head but also Mr. Danglepaws, because his favorite lounging pose is with legs hanging off of whatever he’s on – for instance:


That’s a really nice idea! I’ll discuss it with my bf!

First thing that came to mind would be Maddie, as an hommage to Madeira where Leo is from. I’m not sure how suitable it would be in German, though :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yeah, we’re definitely not making a final decision until we know who we’re adopting.

We’re in contact with the local animal shelter, and we will get an appointment to visit there in the next few weeks (they’re seriously understaffed due to covid). They will recommend a few cats suitable to our situation, so we don’t even know if we’re getting a boy or a girl.

Still, we like to have some options in mind, it makes the wait more bearable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Two new ideas:

  • Jamie (from James Fraser from the Outlander book series.) It’s also a pun with the Swedish word for “to meow”

  • Mickey - we sometimes call Leo Maus/Mäuschen as an endearment, it means mouse/little mouse. Then we’d have Leo Maus and Mickey Mouse :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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If I were to get a cat (probably won’t happen until I retire), I’d consider Shrody, short for Schrodinger.


Heh. When I was a kid and trying hard to convince my parents that we should get a cat, one of my attempted arguments was that we should get a kitten so we could name it Caboodle. :slight_smile:

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All of the kitten?

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Yep, the whole Kitten Caboodle. :slight_smile: Alas, though my parents chuckled, they did not agree it justified a visit to the animal shelter to adopt said kitten…


We’re still very indecisive what to call this guy.

His previous family called him Baghira, which we find too long.

We scrapped Zorro and Nero, trying to call him Jamie atm, but we’re not 100% sure we like it


I’d go with something along the lines of Snowy myself.

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A cat that black would have to be called Mr Mefistofeles… but that’s too long :stuck_out_tongue:


He kind of looks like a Jamie in these photos, but it’s personality that matters, and if it doesn’t stick it doesn’t stick.

Just in case, here are some other possibilities: Bingo, Nox (lights out), Nebula (Neb for short), Mr. Pounce, Bruce (a.k.a. Batman), Gus (Asparagus for long; have you seen Cats or read the book it’s from?), Zephyr (the west wind seems sailing-suited), Captain Smartypants (Cap for short).

Regardless of what you name him, he’s lovely! Congrats on second catdom! :slight_smile:


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