Cashier eats chips on duty thread

So I made this its own thread coming from surprising story receptions. Being a former cashier I get it. But IMO I think the cashier should have set their light to blinking and asked for a break since it seems like there was a lull. Another option would be to carry some hard candy that 1. Can help with raising blood sugar while having a mask on 2. Doesn’t show customers that they’re eating on duty.

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I think there must be some unknown reason why OP couldn’t leave their cash register which isn’t stated in the story-like they’re only ones whom were trained on the till on that particular shift or something? Even though if they couldn’t leave their til, how did they get the chips then since the story tag says its a home improvement store (like Home Depo or something)?

Yes a mask down is wrong but the only person whom technically caused a problem is the customer not OP- if the customer was that afraid of getting Covid wouldn’t the smart move to be is to stay away from OP when OP’s mask was down instead of doing what the customer did and shove the “mask” sign in OP’s face?

Because you can’t leave your cash register unless youre given permission. Maybe there wasn’t someone around their could ask.

And like I said I’ve worked as a cashier. You can’t just walk off the register when you like.


Exactly my point. Even though now I’m wondering if OP has a bookbag or some small bag at the register with them that they had chips in? Since if they can’t leave the registers to eat chips elsewhere, how could they get the chips then? And one of the story’s tag says it’s a home improvement store and not a grocery store.

But if the customer was that worried about getting Covid… wouldn’t the smartest thing to do is to stay away from OP instead of doing the opposite like the customer did?

and maybe the manger was busy elsewhere until the customer talked to them and the manager came over then?

A lot of home improvement stores do have impulse buy items such as crackers, cookies, drinks etc in the checkout lanes so it’s not unheard of.


Yeah but candy or drinks are one thing but I don’t think chips would be something easily avaible around a cash register but I might be wrong. And I don’t think I ever been in a home improvement store or if I have been it’s been awhile.

I guess for me it’s just weird seeing stores without what’s called “impulse buys” at the cash registers (namely Costco or some Wholesaler’s Club) because I’m used to seeing them at other places.

You don’t get to walk off the register whenever you want, but you also don’t get to break health mandates just because you’re hungry. We don’t see OP calling for someone to relieve them, we don’t see them quickly eat a candy bar, they are leisurely eating a bag of chips (and yes, chips are often stocked at the register) without their mask and acting like the customer is out of line to be upset about that. Maybe it was a health issue and they needed to eat something, but the store needs to provide a safe way to deal with that and OP didn’t even attempt to find a solution.


This is true and I agree. Which is why I think a better solution would be to have hard candy or something like diabetics have for low sugar. Pop it in your mouth and go on with helping customers. You can even shift it in your mouth so no one is the wiser.

Hard candy is a great solution. I’d even give OP a pass if they were popping their mask down just long enough to take a bite of something more substantial than a bag of chips, but they’re just munching on chips with their mask down the whole time and that’s not acceptable, especially early in the pandemic.


Yep. Even gum could work. No sugar free obviously but regular.
Candy or gum also could help with thirst which chips would make worse.


“Shaky and hungry” is an odd diagnosis to me, but not good news.

In a home improvement store, maybe it’s wood chips?

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