Can't deal with my *Bacon* parents

Update: I’m more suspecting that Dad will be showing me how to um connect or work the pool together?. Since yesterday Dad showed me the inside of the sand filter thing (what I mean is the standpile with the laterals) . Not that we use that much sand- most of what we use now is something which look like cotton balls for the sand filter

Dad and I had three screaming fits today. The first one was Dad was too bloody impatient this morning to get to No Frills and the store doesn’t open until 8am! We’re leaving at 7:50am! I didn’t even get a chance to do a last pee stop before leaving because he’s rushing me 2 fast! Like I was just getting my new hat on, and Dad came to the door basically yelling at me for “taking forever” and then since I have to lock the bacon inner door when leaving I had to take some more time to put the key in my kepri/Capri button pockets-and Dad first honked the bloody horn, and then drove up the driveway (it’s a split driveway)- and yelled at me AGAIN for “taking too long” and when I asked “what’s the hurry?” and Dad said “STOP YAKING/YOU CAN YAK IN THE CAR GET IN!”

and then the 2nd screaming fit was when we’re parking at Costco. On the way into the parking lot-Dad asked me “Has Mom told you to start taking an extra Vitamin C?” I said “No she hasn’t” and then he started having a screaming fit “I TOLD HER DAYS AGO TO TELL YOU!” And then I said “I DON’T WANT TO TAKE ANOTHER EXTRA VITAMIN -I’M ALREADY FORCED TO TAKE TWO OF THE VITAMINS I ALREADY HAVE! I DON’T WANT TO TAKE AN EXTRA VITAMIN OF SOMETHING I ALREADY TAKE!” And Dad replied/shouted back “FORCED? WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT FORCED?! THIS IS FOR YOUR HEALTH!” *

The last screaming fit is when we’re at Superstore -All I wanted to know is why Dad was in such a rush to get to the stores we needed to go too? I asked Dad “What’s the rush, what the rush” and Dad and I had a screaming fit-and he (Dad) told me to stay in the fucking car because he didn’t want me coming in with him. And since the car was in the sun-and the seats are black and I was wearing black capri pants it was roasting in the car and Dad didn’t have the windows down. But he DID answer me when he got back in the car. The answer was he was trying to get out of the heat fast as possible (not counting a stop at friend’s house to pick up a card from my friend)

*I know the parents want me to take two Vitamin C but I don’t really want too what should I do? And I did try to google about taking two vitamins C being healthy but all I can find is the excat oppsite of what the parents say. PS I have OJ every morning…

So what should I do-I don’t want to take an extra Vitamin C beside the one I have when i take my pills but the parents want me too and aren’t given me a choice of not do- so what should I do?

The body can’t store vitamin c, any surplus to what the body needs will be flushed out with your pee.

That’s why drinking cranberry juice can help with a UTI, the ph sinks making the bladder environment acidy and not a nice place for bacteria to live a happy life

still doesn’t help. My parents say I need to take 2 Vitamin Cs tablets/supplements. to be healthy but yet I can’t find anything online about taking 2 tablets/supplements. being healthy. What I can find is the exact opposite of what the parents say- saying taking too much might not be good for me.

It won’t do you any harm taking two pills, but it also doesn’t have any positive effects either.

Take it to avoid a fight, or stand your ground and don’t take it.

Healthwise it’s the same


You both need to learn to be more patient with each other. He shouldn’t be yelling at you for being a few minutes later than he wanted and you shouldn’t be yelling at him for being ready before you are. Granted, he’s the adult in this situation and should know that he needs to be patient.

You don’t need to be asking him what the rush is multiple times. Ask once, if he doesn’t answer just let it go. If you can’t keep up, just slow down and he will have deal with it.

Ask your parents why they want you to take more vitamin C. It’s not harmful, but there’s likely no benefit. Ask to consult with your doctor on it if they force the issue.


Dad’s most of the time is basically in the bacon car when Mom and/or I are still getting ready. But normally he’s not as impatient as he was this morning to the point he honked the car horn! I just wanted to understand both when I was getting into the car- and later at the Superstore why he was rushing so fast. I mean how long would it taken him to answer my questions? For the No Frills (Store 1) the answer was “To get some canned baked beans which were on sale” and for the 2nd time -it was “So we could get home faster” but we didn’t get home that fast because we had to go to my friend’s place to get her gift for me and Dad and my friend talked for a little bit. So he wasn’t in that much of a rush.

Dad had read somewhere that “taking two vitamin C tablets/supplements” would be good aka healthy for me.

Does anyone know what’s in Multivitamin? Since I also take a multivitamin. (I take Omega3, Multivitamin, 2 Probiotics , and 2 Vitamin Ds and 1 Vitamin C)

This part hlows my mind. You arent a toddler in a carseat you are a fully grown adult. If you are sitting in the car and you are hot YOU can roll the window down, or open a door, or do anything to improve your situation.

I think its stuff like this that makes people frustrated with you here. You complain frequently about how your parents handle your needs/wants/desires but at the some time refuse to take even a elementary school level of independence. You dont need someone to teach you or make a list to tell you if the car is too hot roll down a window or open the door. You are not nearly has helpless as you act like you are.

Edit to add and for the multivitamin thing. Thats another example the bottle with the list of ingredients is sitting in the house you are in. Why cant you read whats in the vitamin? Why do you need to ask strangers on the internet to take random guesses for you?


Um there’s a pretty good reason on why I couldn’t roll down the window of the car when it was in the blazing sun.

The windows in the car we have now are called “power windows.” Guess why they’re called that? The car we have had since Dec 31st, 2018- is a fancy “pre owned” Lincoln car and the only way to roll down the windows on a hot day like today is to have power to the car. Since Dad took the car keys with him into the store -I had no access to power the car to be able to roll down the windows. Try not to assume every car on the planet still has manual ability to roll down the windows these days

And I kept the door closed for safety reasons-aka we’re in a parking lot and an idiot could come ramming through right next to me and it could break off the passenger door or something.

While looking at the bottle wouldn’t be of any use, because it was of (temporary brand i needed for a bit) because they couldn’t get (normal brand) but I’m back on (normal brand) but it’s in the bottle for (temporary brand) and since I don’t know where Mom hides the boxes of unused multivitamins I can’t look.

But for what I can find online is Multivitamins already contain Vitamin C .

But knowing my parents they will claim “it’s not enough Vitamin C between what’s in the multivitamin and the Vitamin C”

So open the door?

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We’re in a parking lot, you know how crazy drivers are these days, and there can be some people whom would be speeding in a parking lot so I kept the door close for **safety reasons-**Ie: so it doesn’t get damage by some idiot trying to park next to me or something.

Also I move one inch in the car, and the alarm goes off (another reason why I wish Dad would leave the keys in the car so I can turn the alarm off)

found the multivitamin in Dad’s bathroom. And like I thought it has Vitamin C in it. (only 120mg vs. the 1,000mg I also take of Vitamin C) So if online is correct I’m already taking over my daily allowance for a woman (75mg min) since 1,000Mg + 120mg=1,120mg

But knowing my parents- they will argue “its not enough” but if I take two Vitamin Cs +multivitamin I will be over (2,120mg) the upper limit for women (2,000mg)

So tell your parents no on the vitamins. You don’t have to listen to every thing they say. If they press the issue, ask to talk to a doctor about it.

If it’s too hot in the car and you can’t roll the window down and you can’t leave the door open, you can always get out of the car and stand by the front of it. You’re not locked in the seat, are you?


no I am not, but Dad would prefer it that I not stand in the parking lot for the same reason I don’t open up the door (ie safety reasons) but without the car keys, I can’t lock the car to like go instead the lobby of the store to stand around (since I wouldn’t know where in the store Dad is)

I just went to argue with them and they’re still saying I should take two Vitamins Cs. And that what’s with the multivitamin “is barely anything” and that taking two Vitamin Cs will "barley" be over the limit. Like I thought, no point in arguing with them…since they are SO sure “they know better”.

Every like hour, half hour on the radio there’s the “Zoomer report” and a couple of weeks ago the woman on it was saying taking 2 Vitamin Cs is healthy, Dad also read whatever she quoted from. But I can’t find what she quoted from.

If you dont want to take two vitamin Cs then dont. If your parents say you should you dont have to argue with them just dont do it. If they put the pill in front of you just dont put it in your mouth.


Well, not much else to suggest when you’re against any and all valid suggestions for how to deal with sitting in a hot car.

Don’t argue, just tell. Tell them you won’t be taking a second vitamin, tell them you want to talk to a doctor before taking more pills, tell them whatever you want and then just don’t take the pill. You don’t have to listen to their arguments like you’re a child. This is how you deal with people you think are unreasonable, you need to learn how to do this.


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Maybe I should make it clear that the reason I wore black pants is that they’re the only pants I had avaible which had pockets I could button up. I needed to protect my wallet/lipstick and especially Keys from falling out of my pocket and because I wasn’t going to be wearing a coat the Capri pants which had pockets which I could button. I needed the keys especially due to the fact I’m always have to lock up the house when I leave with my dad on Thursday morning (7:55am) since Mom’s still sleeping until 10am. If I was wearing a coat, it wouldn’t matter what pants I was wearing because the coat would have at least button pockets, or zip-up pockets so that the keys can’t fall out of the coat pocket but in blazing heat I can’t wear a coat can I?

As for the car-I not sure how old the car is but it was already “pre-owned” when we got the car on Dec 31st, 2018. I was taught it was unsafe to open up the door unless I was going to go into the store due to foolish drivers. And I was also taught it was unsafe to stand in a parking lot because of foolish drivers. Because the car is one of the more modern ones it kind of is powered by computers? So that unlike previous cars we had there’s no manually way to roll them down if there’s no power to the car and since Dad took the car keys with him into the store-I had no way of rolling down the windows in 1st place.

As for the vitamins the parents think they’re helpful in “suggesting” I take more of a Vitamin then I already do. and I already took like 7 vitamins as it is so doubling up on Vitamin C as well as the two other vitamins means I’m taking 8 vitamins 7 nights a week. (I’m doing an experiment at the moment, and it wouldn’t end until July 9/10th so I’m actually taking 9 vitamins) but basically when they “suggest” something especially from my Dad basically being told you “have to do” X or Y so like they refused to let me decide for myself. And they’re especially think taking More Vitamin C is good for me since I’m the one whom immune system is much more immunocompromised then my elderly parents due to my medications. So with my parents breathing down my throat especially *Dad its basically telling me “I don’t have a choice” especially after the fit he had in the car last Thursday- “I told Mom WEEKS AGO TO TELL YOU TO DOUBLE UP!” Do you really thing he would react well if I told him I’m not taking 2 Vitamins C?

But if that’s the case doesn’t that mean I shouldn’t be helping Dad with grocery shopping every Thursday? Yeah I wear a N95 mask but still if I’m that immunocompromised I shouldn’t be going into stores at all but I go into stores like once a week -and five-six different stores at that!

So is everything clear about my various reasons for what happened last Thursday? And why I didn’t want to be forced to take more of a vitamin then I was already taking?

PS I’m only doing an experiment with the 9th vitamin -Vitamin B12 is due to bug bites and that this Vitamin might be able to prevent bug bites but unlike Vitamin D, Probiotics or Vitamin C doubling up, I actually was the one suggesting I try to take Vitamin B12 to see if it might work. There’s a big difference between me making my own choice and being forced too by parents. Even though I ran the idea past both parents before starting.