Can't deal with my *Bacon* parents

I’m just venting about my home life. Since my home life sucks. But not as much as another user whom is also ranting about her homelife on this forum. So my life might be a bit better then hers but my home life still sucks.

And Togetherall the only other place I can rant is useless as well since people made fun of me on there for complain about Dad’s suoer-spicy baked bean issue last week and stuff like that or made fun of me complaining about how “I was waiting way too long” for money for my gaming computer" for some reason they’re claiming it was coming from the taxpayers (not)… and some other stuff -there’s a group chat on there but I was asked to leave it because I was hogging it according to the person whom started it.

Yes @RebeccaBlue does complain about her life. We all do from time to time. That’s not a problem. But if you look at her thread, it’s 194 commends long and less than half of them are hers. Compared with this thread that’s almost 500 comments long and 305 of those are yours. She also has only created 8 topics compared with your 149 topics created. Now I myself have created almost 60 topics and i will admit some of them were rants but I also try to write things that are fun.

Just a suggestion but maybe try writing about other topics besides rants. The thing with Arthur was interesting and so was the one with the eye disease. It got people talking although there are some disagreements about whether it’s right to keep having children knowing you could pass on a debilitating disease to them.

Do you read? Like to draw? Watch movies? Talk about things like that. We know you like the Sims.


I like to read and I like to watch movies… actually some of the movies I have seen I used for “Clues” for the Describe a Film Badly thread. The last time the internet went out… I was trying to draw what I could remember of the rooms of one of my grandparents’ homes (Bottom floor only). I mean to do the top floor as well as well as the other grandparents’ home just so I have a baseline to work with for Paralives whenever it comes out. But I don’t draw very well.

Oh and once I ever get down with my SimLit I’m going to try giving a go with some other computer games (KCIII), Medvial Dynasty, and Sid Medier’s Civilization VI or whatever and also Planet Coaster & Planet Zoo. As well as playing old Nancy Drew games I have.

My Dad drives Mom crazy as well. I was helping Mom with stuff around supper last night (We had guests over- my sister and her boyfriend). One of the things she asked me to do after supper was bring a basket up. I was suppose to bring up the Knob Hill basket from near the laundry machines. But instead I moved some of Dad’s items from a green basket which has handles and brought it upstairs. But sometime between me bringing it up and Mom needing it… Dad tried to do the “helpful” thing of putting it on the basket on landing to the basement-so I had to bring it up AGAIN,

Mom also gets annoyed that every time there’s going to be five people for supper (Mom, Dad, sis, Sis’s boyfriend and I) Dad is almost ALWAYS putting his meds on the stool that my sister’s likes to sit on (aka Grandma’s stool) when she’s here for supper with (boyfriend) so that Mom has to get the other stool out from underneath some other food and put Dad’s stuff on there. instead.

And at Friday supper meal Dad claimed stupidly that “Mom hasn’t gone to church in years”. um excatly where was she between 2003 and 2020 on Sundays between 8am-4pm? She was at church

I didn’t get enough sleep last night so after I got my main course of lunch. I was half-way through it and Dad started “playing” with the microwave to the point it was giving me a headache and if I had to hear one more beep I would bite my dad’s head off. Mom was like “its over and done with and I don’t care”.

And Dad thinks it was a a waste of time that Mom and I did accessibility surveys for (my town) and that the town wasn’t going to do anything after people send in the information.

Oh and Mom doesn’t like me criticizing Dad all the time. But Dad is constantly criticizing me. Like if I’m making chilli for supper on the stove he doesn’t like ME making a bacon mess on the bacon stove but yet… when DAD makes chilli on the same stove… he is constantly making a mess and yet Mom is the one whom has to clean it up.

you notice I haven’t whined in three days? So I’m not always whinning. I made three new threads in the time you’re gone.

Please stop telling people who are annoyed at you to come complain to me. I am not you. I know there are some similarities between us, but we are different people.


I, and I think others, do appreciate that you appear to have taken what some of us have said to heart and recently made an effort to talk more about other topics as well.



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Any chance you could PM the acronym please? Also hi, haven’t seen you around for a while.

@CJR FTFY = Fixed it for You.

But since three people now bumped this thread up. Does that mean i can vent today? /s

And maybe we can see after the vent of leaving this thread alone for SEVEN days next time?

Vent: Dad drive me to Dairy Queen yesterday for my blizzard (I wanted to use a BOGO coupon) but we had to make two other stops first before going to DQ the first one was to our mail box. But it was on the way to the drugstore I told Dad about the fine print (only at participating locations") on the coupon. First problem is that he wanted to know what I would do if they don’t honour the coupon and I will didn’t want to choose between two choices and then he got mad at me “BUY THE WHOLE DAM STORE IF YOU WANT I DON’T CARE!”

2nd problem-in the past he’s always been so nitpicky about be over using my debit card. So i didn’t really want to use it for the something cheap like a Blizzard I thought $5 was enough but I had $20 if they didn’t honour the coupon but I ended up using the $20 because the amount was $6.00 and something. But Dad said I could use the debit card for it. But for something as cheap as $6.00?

Why are you using /s when you are actually serious, proven by doing exactly that what preceeds the /s ?

About the debit card, around here it’s pretty normal to pay for small amounts by card. Something that only improved, but was already the norm, because of contactless paying in Corona times.
If you buy a sandwich of a few euro’s, we just pay by card. I know people who do pretty much everything, and haven’t used cash in 2 years.


While maybe if SOMEONE (ie @EmpressElizabeth) hadn’t bumped this thread up yesterday I wouldn’t have VENTED. Now could we leave this thread alone for 7 days PLEASE?

I wasn’t buying a sandwich i was buying a BLIZZARD. from Dairy Queen. $6.00 is cheap compared to what I spend the other week which was about $64.00. I didn’t want to use my debit card for something as cheap as $6.00 and the store accepted cash

Way to blame others for your actions.

I haven’t seen any of my friends since Dec 18th of last year. The parents have said for the past four months “We will see, we will see” but every single week in the last four months it’s always been “no”. I can’t go to the mall with friends. I get the parents’ concerned about me taking the mask off to eat food around others because due to medications I’m immunocompromised so I could get Covid But I’m a social being and I want to be around others whom aren’t my parents/family members. I mean my parents are wary of me going out to a meal at an actual restaurant with my sister and her boyfriend at some point in the future after a movie.

It’s one thing for me to go to the grocery stores with my Dad since Nov but it’s not the same thing since I wear a mask the entire time and we don’t spend much time in the store.

My Mom asked me just now when I asked if “I could know by Thursday” about going to the mall on Saturday with friends. “What do you want to shop or to be with friends?” I said “Its both” “Since its one thing to shop but another thing to be with friends.” I did suggest one idea "I guess I could bring home food and have it at home for lunch like the next day (only problem with that idea is it mean I couldn’t bring a soft-drink home like this:

unless it was in a bottle) and having lunch at the mall is part of the experience for me?

It just the only people I have since for the last four months been my parents and occasionally my sister and either her boyfriend or one of her friends inside the four walls of my parents’ house and it’s driving me nuts.

You’re an adult. If you want to go to the mall, you can go to the mall. Your parents might be upset about it, but they can’t really stop you.

If you want to be social and still obey your parents, how about meeting friends at the park and going on a walk? Outdoors is safer and you can still meet people and talk.


@Callyn please read the responses to your post:

You’re an adult. If you want to go to the mall, you can go to the mall. Your parents might be upset about it, but they can’t really stop you.

1)my parents are concerned about me taking my mask off to eat around others like I just explained due to medications I have an immunocompromised immune system.

My parents are even wary of me even going to a Red-Lobster’s restaurant and eating in at some point in the future after a movie with my sister and her boyfriend and

2)How would I regain my parents’ trust for going behind their backs and sneaking off to the mall? *I would be forced to camp at the park across the street or go to a homeless shelter or something because I don’t think they’ll allow me back in the house for breaking their trust.

*Not that my parents have actually said that about camping out at the park or the homeless shelter but one of my outbursts some weeks ago at my parents saying “You’re guys are lucky I haven’t gone behind your backs to go to the mall all because I don’t want to look like a bedhead infront of my friends’ friends.” And my parents responded in "How would you gain our trust back after breaking it if you did do such a thing?"

If you want to be social and still obey your parents, how about meeting friends at the park and going on a walk? Outdoors is safer and you can still meet people and talk.

One problem there the friends (including Moi) are spread across three different towns. I’m in the one town and the others are in two other towns- one that has the mall. So the park near me isn’t the park near them and vice versa. Like Me and one friend are in Town A. The main friend whom keeps asking if I can go to the mall is in Town B and the others are between Town B and Town C (Town C is where the mall is).

I don’t think your parents are the biggest problem with you going to the mall.


So your parents are concerned that you will do something stupid. I can understand that, but the way to deal with that is to promise to not do the stupid thing and then follow through and not do the stupid thing. Also, you still don’t need permission, you are an adult.

Your parents are not going to kick you out of the house for going to the mall. They might be upset, but there’s a large range between being upset with you and kicking you out. They also legally can’t kick you out straightaway, they would have to go through eviction proceedings and that takes months. You’re overreacting to their comment.

You don’t have to meet everyone at the same time, you can meet one or two at the park everyone can get to. This is, again, you making a mountain out of tiny little difficulty.


You dont need to go behind their backs. No need to lie or make it a secret. You are an adult if you want to go to the mall and YOU think its a good idea then you can do that. You can tell them you are going to the mall. If they say they dont like it or dont think its a good idea you can tell them

“I hear you and get why you are concerned. However, Ive decided that this is something I am going to do” and then just do it.