Calling NARers I need a comebacks for Dad asking for a "wine list" every Friday

Calling all the NAR. I need comebacks for Dad asking for the wine list every time I ask him which salad does he want to order (Caesar or Tossed).

My Mom’s two suggestions:
“the wine list is lost”
“the only wine list we have is in Chinese”

Hand him grape juice and a packet of yeast.

Two varieties of grape juice will give him a choice of red or white.

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we don’t have yeast or grape juice in the house. And I actually want to have word comebacks because it’s getting really annoying Dad’s “joking” about asking for a wine list every single Friday that I cook

“Yes. Our three options on the whine list are eeeeeeeehhhh, waaaaaaah, and ‘is there a wine list?’”

Or stick with just the first two whines if you don’t want to be overly confrontational.


“Just a sec”

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“Haven’t you made one yet?”

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Prepare a wine list with to options

  1. White
  2. Red

And give it to him when he asks :grin:

“We don’t have a whine list but we do have a beer list but according to Duolingo, you can only have beer with chicken”

I’m sorry, sir, I’m not Smart Serve certified. Would you like another server to help you?


Sorry, no wine list, just a moan menu.


Sorry, we lost our liquor licence last week.

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“I’m sure you can generate one yourself”

“If you keep it up, you can be the whine list for the day”

Or just, you know, stare at him until things get awkward, then keep staring until he apologizes.

My first thought is at least one of you needs a new joke book. For instance “The New Dad Joke Book” is on sale. But it may not lead to improvement.

Or you could refer to the bible, Proverbs 17:28.

Well even though I didn’t need to ask about salad tonight. Dad asked for a Martni when i delivered one half of the two last slices of cakes to Mom last night from a cake that Mom and I been eating since Monday that been in the freezer since August and I used “we lost the wine list”

Just thought of something, I could say versions of booze list is in Chinese but replaced it with difference languages. Like one week it could be in Deutch (German) and another it could be in Hangual (Koreans) and another week it could be Portuguese (My sister’s boyfriend is from there).

Sorry this establishment is BYOB (Bring your own booze) we do not sell alcohol


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