Bus aid slaps autistic kindergartener - update!

So I got this story from my mil. One of her coworkers has an autistic son. A couple of days ago he was riding his school bus on the way home and he wouldn’t put his seat belt on. The aid asked him to put it on and he told her to Shut up. So she slapped him.

The coworker killed* the police and the driver called her to find out how her son was doing. The aid went the next day and turned herself in.

According to my mil’s coworker there was no mark left on her son’s cheek but she doesn’t want the woman to ever work with children again.

I’ll update as I get more information.

*Obviously this is called but leaving it here because of the DYAC. Lol

Update- the woman is being charged.


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She shouldn’t be near children if that’s her reaction.


Agreed. Wow. My bus aid could and did yell when some of the other students got loud and rowdy, and yes, even the deaf kids got their share of scolding once she had their attention. But she never hit anyone.


A principal of mine (well after I was out from under her thumb) ended up slapping a student who talked back. Despite corporal punishment in schools in the state not actually being against the law, the face is off-limits and the district in question does ban them as a policy measure. She swiftly lost her job and due to the fact that she slapped the kid on the face, ended up unable to work with kids in the state after that (according to the person who told me about this anyway–knowing the principal and school policy, the slap and job loss would have happened at some point regardless, but I can’t vouch for the blacklisting).

Keep in mind the principal in question had been promoted to that school out of what was effectively a hybrid remedial school/school for the mentally ill (still a district school, but closed to anyone who is functional in a truly public school), and given the sheer amount of power she had (they could pile on and restrain unruly students, and the students’ behavioral issues meaning parents usually didn’t care if it was overdone) and her eagerness to exercise it at the drop of a hat, putting her in a truly public school setting was a horrendous idea.