Bring back two old stories!

There were two good stories the site enjoyed. (Well we enjoyed the one, but we were pissed with the customer in the other story). Both been deleted sometime after February this if not a bit later then that. But we want them back! The first story which had the word “brunch” in it’s title was that OP an manger at a restaurant notice there’s a problem with the amount of food every week and not a lot of profit so one day they have a staff meeting (and the ex-manager isn’t present) and they talk through ideas of how to fix the problem. One of the servers said “maybe we should stop doing the Monday charity brunches” and OP thinks it’s a joke at first until another server says “There has been charity brunches” . Turns out the now ex-manager had been opening up the resturant on Mondays for his “friends” and pretending he’s the owner and had bullied the employees into working.

The other story I can’t remember all the details… but I think it’s something like OP’s friend had surgery on his eyes or something and was light senstive so was wearing glasses at work and I think, a customer ripped them off and saw the friend’s red eyes?

Variations on the second are unfortunately fairly common.

As for the first, could it have been “Brunch Time Crunch Time”? It is listed in this top 20 roundup, but the link is dead:

Yeah that’s what 'm talking about the Brunch time is crunch time" is the first story. And the link is not only dead it’s seem to be deleted. Since you can’t access it at all not even typing it into the search bar.

But the other story which is also deleted I can’t remember the title of. I just remember the sunglasses being taken off due to the customer thinking… something.

I read one like that the other day. Young woman had just had eye surgery so had shades on inside a restaurant and some nut-job was screaming about her “faking blindness” and pulled the glasses off.

I wish more of these stories ended with charges being pressed.

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1)I made a mistake about the 2nd story. It was a patch over an eye hole, and a jerk customer ripping it off (and drawing blood from Op’s cheek) and being shocked because of the eye hole and I think OP had to put bandage over it for the rest of the day.


And I’m trying to find another story but I can’t remember the title but I wonder if it’s been yanked. The story is that OP is a normal employee at this company but they been given manager responsibilities (just without the pay) by the manager whom doesn’t want to mange the company. One day the manager comes to OP tells them to “slim the company down” (aka fire someone) while the actually manager is on a “business trip”. OP is friends with someone at cooperate and after the manager leaves OP calls their friend at cooperate and the friend tells them two things 1)the manager doesn’t have any business trip for that week/weekend, and 2)that the one way to “slim the company down” is to replace manager with OP. I believe in italics at the bottom that OP wonders what the manager’s face was like when he came back from “business trip” to do “exit interviews” to find out it was him going to be the one exiting the company!

Hi! Those sound like great stories, but we just don’t have the time to go hunting for these. :slight_smile:

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