Bride allergic to shellfish but orders it for her wedding?

This isn’t my story but my sister’s I only heard of it through my Mom whom heard it from my sister My sister has run a catering company for less then a year about around Canadian Thanksgiving. The way it works apparently is she’s contacted by the customers and she then “sits down” with the customer and they work out what the customer wants for the event

Not the last one, but her job previous to that one- the bride ordered shrimp tray and when my sister was bringing the shrimp tray out that the husband basically got into my sister’s face and started scream s***t at her and one of the things he screamed at my sister was “YOU’RE GOING TO KILL MY WIFE. SHE’S ALLGERIC TO SHRIMP!”

When my sister talked to the bride later saying “You know you were allergic to shrimp and you still ordered it. Why?” and the bride didn’t really have an answer.


Was it part of a package? I sometimes have to set up catering for work events and alot of places often have packages like:

Package A includes : item 1, 2x item 2, 2x item 3, and item 4

Package B includes : item 2, 3x item 3, item 5, and item 6


If so it might be possible she just didnt realize the package she got included shrimp.

OR the other possible explanation is shes alergic to iodine which means you cant eat shellfish. My mother developed an iodine alergy when she was about 33. But since she never liked shellfish she never thought to get them so didnt realize she couldnt have them for almost 10 years. So maybe the bride is the same, had an allergy to iodine but didnt realize at the time of ordering that shellfish contain iodine.


As far as I know my sister doesn’t do packages. What I do know is that customers come to her for events like weddings and they basically give her a list of stuff they wanted for the wedding receptions. Like my sister and the customer sit down together and talk about what the bride wants at the reception. Or at least that how I assume it works. Like sometime around Christmas she had an event which she had to make stuffed mushrooms for the event- I think the groom was Vegetarian in that case.

But apparently from the story I was told-that the bride knew full well that she was allergic to shellfish but she still told my sister, the caterer to still bring a shrimp tray and my sister told told off by the bride’s husband for “almost killing his wife” when it was his wife whom ordered the dish? And the bride didn’t really have an answer when my sister asked her latter


It could be the husband exaggerating? Maybe she is allergic, but not to such a degree that being near the shrimp would become a problem.

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Anyway, that would be a nice story for the main site!

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If this were my story, I’d say it’s a mother-of-the-bride demand. But don’t allergies run in the family?

Apparently my sister works with the customer and they come up with whatever they customer orders. Since Mom and I were going out to get glasses today and we need my sister’s artistic option we helped her do some shopping for her catering and that’s how I find out how my sister’s catering works. Since we were at the Hakim’s getting the glasses prepared and my sister was taking about it because she has a potential customer whom wants to have a backyard BBQ …and was asking Mom how much to ask for a price.