Breaking news! Local editor needs assistance with a project!

Hey, friends! Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man… er… editor here, looking for your help again!

We’ve recently had a few requests to showcase more “Classic” NAR stories on the site. What defines “Classic NotAlwaysRight” to you?

To me it could mean two things

  1. stories older than some threshold that recieved some threshold of upvotes/ comments. Kinda like a “top post from this month in 2018 was…”

  2. the one more beneficial to me personally but probably less beneficial to the site as a whole would be interesting stories from way way back. More like a “heres some stories from the first 500 posts that are worth bring back to the top of the pile.”


Ones that also became lexicons/memes of the site:

-Impossible Store
-Accent Name is Boris,
-NAR Avengers initatives,

things like that


Very subjective but I’d second the ‘over a certain number of upvotes’.

Or maybe (work with the forums to) find a number of things that define an NAR story and then put a poll on the main site as to which stories meet those criteria.

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Classic would be a factor of:

  1. How old it is. I’d recommend at least 5 years old.
  2. How well-liked it is. A threshold of some xxx number of upvotes minimum.
  3. How well discussed it is. A threshold of some xx number of comments minimum. Or at least one mention in the forums.
  4. An editorial judgement on its readability and likeability, as well as an ability to not get dated for a while. These can’t be measured numerically, hence the editors have to decide.

Personally, I like to keep track of good stories that I’d like to read again and again. they’re all bookmarked directly in my browser. Here’s a Pastebin with those links:


I agree with the above, with the comment that #3 is not really feasible – for old stories, most of the discussion happened before the switch from FaceBook to Disqus comments, so they won’t have many comments now.
But yes, “classic”, for me, is something iconic – old and well-liked.


To note, co-editor KillerTomato has started a thread for favorite classic stories, maybe that can be of use? Granted, some of the stories are perhaps not quite old enough to be considered “classics”…


Having a satisfying conclusion also helps with a story. The Cake is a Lie in the bread store and (of course) Trash Room both have these.


Thank you all so much for taking the time to give us ideas! I especially appreciate the combination of metric ideas (number of votes, age, etc.) and content ideas (NAR memes, satisfying conclusions, etc.)

This will be very helpful with future projects. :slight_smile: