Brain-training website punishes people for not playing 1 day

Most days I do three online “jobs” (not actual jobs). Lumosity, Nationstates, and I’m learning Hangul (Korean) on Duolingo. Duolingo works like this: every day one does Duolingo lesson you earn a gem. At the end of the “work week” (Friday) you’re asked if you can equip 20 gems just in case you miss a day. Lumosity which is “brain training”, if you miss 1 day you get “punished” and have to start over from Day 1.

Twice in at least 6 months I had over 190 days of playing just for me to have “issues beyond my control” (no internet) which meant I couldn’t play Lumosity on the one day. The first time was back in late April, early May and the most recent time was just was Sunday evening until today when the internet got fixed. I don’t know when I first learned of this “punishment” but I was a banshee the two times it happened this year (and I was really childish yesterday and threw a remote but I did take responsibility and even tried to look for the one remote’s batteries & cover). Once I calmed down enough the first time, I did tell Mom the reason I was upset. But I guess she didn’t pass the message on to Dad about the “Lumosity punishment”. Since when I explained last night to Dad about Lumosity punishment he understood why I was a banshee earlier in the day after he told me that “no one could come until today” from Bell I do wonder if there could have been a faint chance of someone coming yesterday had we tried to call on Sunday night when it was first down.

So I’m going to write an email or something to Lumosity to suggest a token system where people can earn token by during a day’s training and equip them on Friday so if there’s internet problems for them which can’t be fixed for a couple of days partipants aren’t punished.

Back in February, I was learning Latin through Duolingo. I had a pretty good streak going. And then a snowstorm hit and the electric company experienced outages. Because I’m in a poorer area, the electric company chose to shut my area off for two days and do rolling blackouts for everyone else. While I had bigger problems (like losing everything in the fridge and freezer), it was extremely demotivating to come back and lose everything because life smacked me in the face. I gave up on lessons after that.

Honestly, it feels like the streaks are more demotivating than motivating. Sure, if you want to keep your streak, then you have to keep going, but if you miss a day, then it takes so long to get your streak back. And there are so many things that can cut off your ability to do lessons.

I’ve been thinking about creating an app and I think I’d go with a star per day if you complete all your tasks rather than a streak system. If you miss a day, you still have 29 stars for the month and your number will keep going up.

Yeah Duolingo’s not my problem. It’s Lumosity which is my problem And I’m paying for the latter but not the former but the former’s system makes much more sense where every day you play you earn 1 (or more gems) and you can equip them on the Friday incase you miss a day.

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