Bone in my chicken salad sandwich

This happened a few years ago BC (before covoldemort). Anyway my MIL and I had stopped on our way back from a disability hearing to get some lunch. We’d eaten here before and never had a problem. Anyway I ordered chicken salad on a Kaiser roll and she had a BLT if I remember.

Anyway I was halfway through my sandwich and I bit down on something hard. Here was a bone in my chicken salad. It was at least an inch long. I was trying to find the picture but couldn’t. We called the waitress over and showed her the bone. . She apologized and said that their chicken salad was made fresh.
She offered to get me another sandwich but at that point I felt a bit nauseous so I declined. I also had eaten at least half of the sandwich.

When we got the bill the sandwich was still on there. We mentioned it to the woman who was checking us out (don’t pay at the table) and showed her the pic. She asked what did the waitress do? I said she offered to get me another sandwich but I declined. She didn’t take the sandwich off.

Are we unreasonable to think that she should have?

Did you ask to have it taken off, when they didn’t offer?

For me, a bone in a meat dish like that is a hazard of meat, kind of like if you buy pitted cherries they often come with a label saying, e.g., “Caution: May Contain Pits.” It’s not good, but I don’t see it as the same level of not good as finding something that isn’t original to the food in there, like a bug or piece of metal or whatever – or meat or a bone in a vegetarian dish.

Ideally they’d’ve offered you a different option when you didn’t want another of the same sandwich. Whether to automatically refund it, though, is probably down to individual restaurant policy, and is probably more likely for places that try to be more swank and less likely the lower they are on the fanciness scale. For anything that bothered me enough to stop eating*, I’d’ve asked to have it taken off.

* Assuming the problem wasn't my fault, like if I hated mayonnaise and had forgotten to request an explicitly mayo-including sandwich without the mayo.

We didn’t and in hindsight we probably should have. Now dont get me wrong. I have no issues with eating chicken off the bones
Per se. However finding a bone in a sandwich was a bit off putting. I happily gnaw meat off a bone when we have chicken legs or bbq ribs.


I accidentally did that once, and it wasn’t until after I complained that I realised I’d misread the menu. It said something like:

Comes with yuck1, yuck2
Yuck3 on request

But due to the width of the text column, I read it as “Comes with yuck1, yuck2, yuck3 on request” and not the “Comes with yuck1, yuck2. Yuck3 on request” it was supposed to be. So I get my burger, see that there is yuck on it, and was confused since I didn’t ask for any.

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