Bit disappointed bowling is cancelled for another "season"

I normally bowl from Monday after Sept Labour Day- the Monday after Easter Monday. (With exception for hoildays, like Canadian Thanksgiving, Christmas hoildays, and in my province Febuary “family day”, Monday March break, and Easter Monday- the last three are more recent “we don’t bowl those days”). The last time anyone bowled in my bowling league was March 9th of 2020. Well last’s season 2020-2021 season was cancelled and now that 2021-2022 season is also cancelled.

I’m a bit disappointed because it means me getting out of the house at night time. But on the other hand there’s two good things out of it: 1)I get to watch Murdoch Mysteries on TV with my parents-even if I do have to put up with Dad’s talking in my ear and 2)I get to have SOUP for supper on Mondays!