Biology: Categories game

Answers these questions about biology, and we’ll have a contest to see who can get the most points. (All of the questions will be asked in this post, since I will be too busy when I go back to school on Tuesday to ask questions and check responses then.)
This is how points will be awarded:

  • 5 points per answer that is unique and correct
  • 3 points if your answer is correct but shared with one other person
  • 1 point if three people have the same answer
  • No points if four or more people have the same answer.
  1. Name 3 organelles in a cell (plant or animal)
  2. Name 3 characteristics of life
  3. Name 3 examples of a unicellular organism
  4. Name 3 stages of cell division
  5. Name 3 methods of asexual reproduction.
  6. Give the scientific names of 3 different types of bacteria.
  7. Give the scientific names for 3 different types of plants.

You can get up to 105 points. All answers are due by sometime late on Sunday (the 7th) - I don’t really care when, tbh - and I’ll have the results posted that day or on Monday. Take all the time you needs until then. Make sure to clearly label which responses are for what question when you PM me. Happy sciencing!

I think I’m going to have to skip this one… I didn’t do any Biology past the age of 16, and that was nearly 34 years ago. I’m not even sure I covered any of that during General Science!

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I will skip too, it’s not really my genre either, so I’d Google it all. Having one question a day might have motivated me, now it’s too much research at once :sweat_smile:

Still, thank you very much for starting the game , I hope the rest will participate :hugs:

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No problem. Since no one else has participated, I will give you (and everyone) until late Sunday night to participate if they would like, and you can look up answers. (Just try to pick unique ones.)

Feel free to look up answers if you would still like to play. I’ll give everyone till late Sunday now to be able to answer questions at a slower pace.

Just wanted to circle back and thank you for having put this together, and to apologize for not having participated; I didn’t have the time when you set it up. Nice set of questions, though!

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Thank you for this!:grinning:

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