Belt Buckle Bottle Opener

Just an odd thing I witnessed at work yesterday.

I go to the staff room during my break so I can eat, and this guy with cool hair is already there. Soon after, this frienly-seeming girl comes in for her break too. She has an unopened J2O bottle.

FG: Aw shizz, I shoulda opened this downstairs.

CHG: What’s up?

FG: Can’t open this. You don’t have a bottle opener do you?

CHG: Nah… Well, on my belt.

FG: You keep your keys on your belt?

Cool Hair Guy kinda lifts his belt up a bit to show off the buckle.

CHG: I mean I could use this?

FG: Y’know what, go on then.

She passes him her bottle. So he stands up and uses his belt buckle as a bottle opener. While still wearing his belt. Everything is much too close to his private areas for my liking but I’m not saying anything and just watching.

FG: This is the weirdest fricking thing I’ve ever seen.

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Best belt I have ever owned! Wear it every day.


They’re reasonably common. You can open a bottle with anything rigid enough, but belt buckle bottle openers have been a thing for decades. And the dude didn’t take his pants off, so nothing sneezy happened.


To be fair I would have taken the belt off part of the way to get the bottle away from the crotch area, but more as a social nicety than anything else.

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Tbf I wasn’t getting any kind of sleazy vibe from the situation. It was more surreal than anything.

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